Clove Pink Spoiler July 2022

Clove Pink is a Canadian clean beauty & wellness subscription box for women 50+. Feel and look amazing with carefully curated products.

Here is a peek at an item in the July/August 2022 Clove Pink Box…

Let’s talk about setting intentions.

Do you do this?

I started setting a daily intention about 2 years ago (thank you On Point with Danielle & John Assaraf) and this 2 minute process has changed my life.

Before I began regularly setting an intention each morning I would just begin my day and hope 🤞🏻it went well or as planned.

It almost always did not go without me running into a situation where I felt challenged and would often react instead of respond. So now I live my life on purpose as much as possible. It’s a game changer!

Some examples of intentions I set are:

  • Today I choose to be grateful throughout my day, my life is filled with abundance
  • Today my intention is to accept where I am in my life. My life is good. Each day I am taking steps to move me forward towards my goals and that is good enough.
  • Today I choose to focus only on what I can control and that is me. I will behave in a way that inspires others.

My life is so much more calm and peaceful when I set a daily intention and I encourage you to try.

Let me know how it goes!

Our July SUNSATIONAL Summer box will have “Seeds of Intention” cards to help prompt us in our journey to be better, feel better and more empowered.

What You Get: Clove Pink subscribers will receive 3-5 quality non-toxic personal care essentials every 2 months.


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