Crated with Love Theme Spoiler June 2021

Crated with Love is a date night company that creates fun and unique date nights in a box! Every month is a brand new theme with all new adventures and stories to experience together.

Here’s a peek at the theme for the June Crated with Love….

Rock on! Our June theme is in! 

When meeting someone new, you might ask about what music they listen to. If it resonates with you, the bond between you might grow. If you’ve never heard of it, it gives you a window into a new perspective. For some, shared music taste is one of the most important factors in a relationship. 

Music in a loving relationship gives you the opportunity to sing your lungs out without judgment (whether or not you hit all the right notes). It gives you playlists of songs to pass the time on a long road trip with the windows down. Music has the ability to touch, heal, uplift, and empower. You could even say that it is one of the most influential forces in the world – right up there with love! 

Most music consists of three main elements – melody, rhythm, and harmony. While the first two are the ones that make a piece of music memorable, it’s the harmony that can take a song from common or predictable to the next level. The same is true in your relationship together – from gaining a new perspective to listening more closely to one another, you are setting the stage for more harmony as a couple! 

Are you ready to dive in? You can purchase our June theme, Perfect Harmony, on our website now! If you’re already a subscriber, start getting excited for your upcoming date night! 

What You Get: Each Crate with Love date night box comes with 4 to 6 games and activities focused around growth and laughter to help couples reconnect. Everything necessary is included so you don’t need to worry about a thing except strengthening your relationship!


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