Crated with Love Theme Spoiler September 2021

Crated with Love is a date night company that creates fun and unique date nights in a box! Every month is a brand new theme with all new adventures and stories to experience together.

Here’s a peek at the theme for the September Crated with Love….

I Love You More Than Pizza! 

No, really! Long before the Chuck E.’s, Huts and Caesars, pizza was putting smiles on the faces of ancient Mediterranean peoples. Egyptians, Romans and Greeks alike all thought they were so clever to have created a dish with “edible plates” (no, really, it’s even mentioned in the Aeneid). While these prehistoric ‘zzas were more akin to what we’ve come to call flatbread, they were crusterrific meals with scrumptious herbs, mushrooms and more that laid the groundwork for the dish we all have come to love. 

Modern-day pizza is widely believed to have been born in Naples in the late 1700s as a filling and portable meal for the working class. Tomatoes became part of the pizza recipe because they were imported from the New World and seen as weird and foreign (therefore, unpopular and cheap). It wasn’t until Italy’s Queen Margherita (yup) and King Umberto I visited Naples and savored the local cuisine that pizza became an accepted staple of Italian cuisine.

What You Get: Each Crate with Love date night box comes with 4 to 6 games and activities focused around growth and laughter to help couples reconnect. Everything necessary is included so you don’t need to worry about a thing except strengthening your relationship!


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