Evive Smoothie: New Flavour Alert February 2019

Evive Smoothie is a monthly subscription for complete smoothies. Receive organic frozen smoothies cubes, made from complete fruits, veggies, superfood and vegan protein.

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Evive Smoothie has just released a new flavour and it is…….YIN

Inspired by the practice of YIN yoga, this new flavor with a chaï flavor reminds us that in cold weather, the return to oneself is essential. This exclusive flavor will be perfect for cocooning and spend the winter time smoothly! Rich in flavors, this smoothie will help improve your digestive system with oats and apricots, while giving you a good antioxidant and fiber content with carrots and chaï spices.

What You Get: Each Evive Smoothie box comes with 12 smoothies. Choose from 6 different flavours. Boxes can be delivered every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or monthly.



Evive offers unique and innovative frozen cubes that allow you to quickly prepare a nutritious meal while adding your own delicious twist.

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