Frank And Oak Style Plan Box Preview February 2019

Frank And Oak Style Plan is a new and easy service from Frank And Oak that sorts you out with great style on a regular basis (without the fuss), at a low cost. When you subscribe to Style Plan, their Stylists pick out their latest seasonal pieces based on your personal preferences and send them straight to your door every month. You can try on the items from the comfort of your own home, and pay for only those you decide to keep. Save up to 25% on every order with free shipping and returns. You can skip a month or cancel anytime.

Frank And Oak Style Plan February preview! Each box will have 12 selections total, this is a sampling of each……

How does Style Plan work?

Register by filling out a short style survey that includes details about your size, style tastes, and budget preferences. Every month, their stylists will pick out 3 items for you. At the end of the month, when your box is ready, they notify you and let you review the items they selected. You have 48 hours to confirm these picks, edit the selection, or skip the month. Once you receive your Style Plan box, take up to 7 days to try on the items at home. From there you only keep what you love and send the rest back with the shipping absolutely free.

How much does it cost?

Each Frank And Oak Style Plan box shipped has a styling fee of $25 which is credited towards your final purchase. On the first of the month, unless you have decided to skip, you will be billed for the total amount of your box’s items.

What if I don’t like some of the items?

You’re under no obligation to keep all of the items in your Style Plan box. Only keep the styles you love and send back the rest for free. As soon as we receive your returned items, you will be refunded. If you send back all the items in your Style Plan box, we will only keep the $25 styling fee.

Can I skip a month?

Yes. You can always skip a month and will not be charged.

What will my Style Plan selections look like?

Their team will choose 3 new styles for you every month based on your style preferences, size and budget. They will notify you when they are ready and from there you will be able to confirm the final selects. Your Frank And Oak Style Plan products are always chosen from their most recent collections so you’re always on trend and in style.





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