Hamptons Lane Spoiler March 2017

Hamptons Lane Spoiler March 2017

Each month, Hamptons Lane curates amazing kitchen products together with artisan foods & ingredients into a themed box, like the Must-Haves of Cucina,  Mexicana or The Best in BBQ. On the first of the month, they reveal the box for you to take a peek at and decide whether you would like to receive it — no charge for the boxes you skip.

Here is a peek at this month’s theme:

Asian Comfort Food

Box Details: Each box contains 4 to 7 specialty tools and shelf-stable, full size ingredients, along with recipes and tips.

Thoughts: I love that they provide themed boxes. I am often nervous to try cooking ethnic foods as I don’t ever know where to start. This box provides you with the items necessary to get started on creating new, exciting recipes!

Are you going to try to Asian Comfort Food box?





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