Kidspire Crate FULL Spoilers November 2020

If you know us here at Kidspire Crate, you know our mission is to share a new SHEro (female hero!) every month. Last month, we had the honor of showcasing Mexico’s Frida Kahlo and her incredible artistry. Check it out here:

We often get asked how we choose each month’s SHEro and let us tell you, it’s definitely a process! There are so many amazing women that have achieved great things so it can be hard to narrow down who to feature next. We start by looking up events, holidays, traditions, and current events that are happening in the month we’re working on and seeing if there are any female heroes that relate. Then we have to make sure there’s great age-appropriate literature that fits in our box (this can be surprisingly tricky!) and related activities, experiments, toys and fun that go with it.

Given the election happening not only in the United States but also locally where we live (beautiful Vancouver), we decided to feature…..

the incredible Michelle Obama!

Her journey from the South Side of Chicago to the White House and beyond is an inspiring story for millions of children. As the first African American First Lady, Michelle brought (and continues to bring) hope to a generation of little girls who never seen a woman of colour in the highest position (well, almost the highest position), let alone someone as accomplished as Michelle.

A graduate from Princeton and then Harvard Law, Michelle worked as a lawyer for a large firm where she was asked to mentor a new hire named Barack (yes – she mentored him!). Michelle was also an associate Dean and sat on the board of a number of non-profits before resigning to help her husband campaign.

During her time in the White House, one of the programs that Michelle started was the Let’s Move campaign, aimed at reducing childhood obesity. For November’s box, we decided to focus on the aspects of this campaign as a way to bring some indoor fun during a month that’s often cold and wet outside.

The Let’s Move campaign encourages kids and adults to get at least 60 minutes of exercise every day, eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies and drink lots of water. For November’s Spark box (age 3-6) pictured above, we include an age-appropriate book about Michelle, fruit and veggie toys, a jump rope, insert cards of the five food groups, a paint set to design your own veggies AND our Kidspire Crate activity workbook with fun puzzles for kids and our monthly letter to the parents. This box is BURSTING at the seams!

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-Kidspire Crate

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