mintMONGOOSE Spoiler April 2022

mintMONGOOSE subscribers receive 3 pieces of adorable, high-quality​ jewelry with a retail value of $40+ mailed to you every month for just $15.99! Each month they announce one piece and the other two are a surprise! Save for yourself, share with your friends, or give an adorable gift to a loved one!

Here’s a spoiler for the April mintMONGOOSE box…

Hi there! Our April set is inspired by the birds flying all around us, giving us a visualization and real-life example of living free.

Most sets I create are inspired by a specific moment in life. This set is a little different. It is inspired by a realization.

About a year ago I discovered these adorable bird feeders that suction to the outside of a window and have an area where you can put birdseed and the birds can sit and eat. As soon as I saw them, I knew the kids would love them.

Well, love was an understatement. Instead, the visiting birds became a part of our daily life. Emma (6) would name them as they stopped by for a seed or two, Emerson (4) would try to get as close as he could without scaring them off, and Emmett (15 months), well, he didn’t really notice. “A bird, a bird!” has been a common exclamation in our house.

I hadn’t realized how special those birds being a part of our story was until last week when we took the feeders down because the California heat hadn’t been kind to them and they were falling apart. Now that they’re gone, I miss them.

When you wear this jewelry set, I hope it reminds you to take notice of the stunning creatures flying overhead, to learn from them, and inspires you to live life as freely and as they do.

This beautiful necklace will be in our April boxes, along with the rest of the AWESOME set all for as little as $13.49 + FREE US shipping! 

Box Details: Each mintMONGOOSE package contains 3 pieces of beautiful, high quality jewelry for you to keep.





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