mintMONGOOSE Spoiler August 2022

mintMONGOOSE subscribers receive 3 pieces of adorable, high-quality​ jewelry with a retail value of $40+ mailed to you every month for just $15.99! Each month they announce one piece and the other two are a surprise! Save for yourself, share with your friends, or give an adorable gift to a loved one!

Here’s a spoiler for the August mintMONGOOSE box…

Hi there! Our August set is inspired by the importance of timing when it comes to opportunities.

We have been having a lot of outside time in our new home state, and our kids LOVE all the critters – frogs, crickets, cicadas, spiders, lizards, butterflies, the list goes on, but when they see a ladybug! Oh man, that’s an entirely different ball game.

The beauty of ladybugs are undeniable, but the fact that they aren’t insanely prevalent where we are makes them that much more special when the kiddos do spot them.

A wise man in our lives recently shared with us some meaningful words: “The opportunity of a lifetime only lasts for the lifetime of the opportunity.” That same day our boy, Emerson, found a ladybug while doing some yard work, and it made his day. Something about the far and few ladybug sightings, and the joy in our boy’s face made me tie the two together.

Too often in life we allow opportunities to pass us by, and kick ourselves later. If only I’d done xyz when I had the chance, or if only I’d made time to call Jane Doe before she went on her trip, or if only I responded to the tug I felt to do this or that, I wouldn’t have to be wondering “what if”.

When you wear this jewelry set, I hope it reminds you of the opportunities you are given each day, knowing they are specific and unique to you, and that you may have the gumption to take them at the right time, before they pass!

Box Details: Each mintMONGOOSE package contains 3 pieces of beautiful, high quality jewelry for you to keep.


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