My Meraki Box Spoiler March 2017

My Meraki Box Spoiler March 2017

My Meraki Box is a new Canadian Jewelry Subscription Box. Based on your choices of color, gemstones or metals, they work hard to create the perfect handmade jewelry pieces to amp up your own personal style. Each box contains 2-3 pieces handmade, just for you.

The Theme for the month of March is: The Matte Collection

They have shared the following Spoiler with us:

Balance Mala Bracelet

Spoiler Details: Balance Mala Bracelet is part of the Mala collection. Each bracelet has a sterling silver lotus charm and is made with Picasso Jasper, Ebony wood, hematite, onyx and lava which can be used for placing essential oils in.  Every March Box will receive this bracelet.

Bonus Item: In the top left you’ll see a simple pair of white turquoise earrings.  Those will be the thank you gift/bonus item for the month.

And just when you think it can’t get any better…..

They have provided our viewers with the following Coupon Code:

Use Coupon Code AYOBSpoiler to save 15% off your first box


Box Details: Every month My Meraki Box will contain 2-3 brand new Wristicuffs designs jewelry pieces handcrafted in their studio with a minimum $100 retail value.

Thoughts: That bracelet is so gorgeous and with essential oils being so huge right now this is the bracelet to have!

Question: What do you think of March’s Spoiler?





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One comment on “My Meraki Box Spoiler March 2017

  1. JBauman says:

    Love the pieces! Quality workmanship and stunning designs!

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