Once Upon a Book Club Adult Box Spoiler November 2020

Once Upon a Book Club is a unique, interactive online community that offers a monthly subscription service where readers will receive a monthly box in the mail containing a newly released book to read for the month, along with 3-5 individually wrapped gifts.

Here’s a hint for the November Once Upon a Book Club Adult Box….

We are so pleased to share our November Adult hint – Thelma and Louise!.

​A best-selling author brings an uplifting, irresistible novel about two ordinary women on a life-changing adventure, where they must risk everything, break all the rules, and discover their best selves – together.

A schoolteacher and spinster trying to get through life, surviving on scraps in the 1950s. One day, she reaches her breaking point, abandoning her job and small existence to set out on an expedition to the other side of the world in search of her childhood obsession.

When she advertises for an assistant to accompany her, the woman she ends up with is the last person she had in mind. Fun-loving and beautiful in her tight-fitting pink suit and pom-pom sandals, she seems to attract trouble wherever she goes. But together these two women find themselves drawn into a cross-ocean adventure that exceeds all expectations and delivers something neither of them expected to find: the transformative power of friendship.

Emotionally moving, magical, and captivating, this incredible author has created a touching, vibrant, humorous, and engaging read that we cannot WAIT to bring to life through some gorgeous gifts!.

​Get ready to go on an off beat historical adventure set in the 1950s with these two quirky and very unlikely companions and open gifts as you explore!.

​Boxes are on sale now through November 14th, so grab yours before they’re gone!

What You Get: Once Upon a Book Club subscribers will receive one newly released, adult or young adult fiction book geared to ages 14+. Genre varies by box. Boxes also include 3 to 5 individually wrapped gifts labeled with page numbers, not meant to be opened until reaching that particular page. Each item is pulled straight from the story and placed into the hands of readers, bringing the book to life.


Once Upon a Book Club

A Book Club subscription box. Bringing books to life! A unique experience where readers open gifts mentioned in the book as they read along.

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