Pipsticks Pro Club Classic Spoiler May 2020

Inject some much needed happiness and creativity into your time at home! Pipsticks delivers a serious dose of sticker love debuting each new collection with our monthly sticker club! May’s Pro Club stickers are a dream come true…

The magical storybook theme inspired the most gorgeous pastel color palette, and are finished with the finest foil details! May’s Pro packs also feature exclusive designs in collaboration with Once More With Love (@oncemorewithlove). Crowns, swans, stamps, cuckoo clocks and a fresh take on Little Red Riding Hood are among the dreamy designs included!

Pipsticks Pro Club is perfect for sticker loving teens and adults. These Pipstickers are great for planning, crafting, journalling, snail mail, and collecting, and are hands down the most special stickers you can get your hands on.

Get over $45 of stickers for 17.95 with our Pipsticks Classic pack, or choose our Petite pack for 11.95! When you subscribe, you’ll get a sparkly pack with reusable storage pouch, Pippy (a zine for sticker lovers), a postcard, + 15 of the dreamiest stickers you can imagine. You’ll also get access to our super active VIP Subscribers group on Facebook so you can connect with other sticker lovers!


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