PolishMe Polish Club Spoiler June 2017

PolishMe Polish Club Spoiler June 2017

PolishMe Polish Club is your mani/pedi’s new best friend! For $19.99 a month, you get 3 exclusive nail polishes delivered right to your door. Each collection is personally designed and no month will be the same. The polishes are quick-drying and work perfectly on natural or acrylic nails.

The June theme for PolishMe Polish Club is:

Here is a look at the individual colors:


When bae got their suit and bowtie, then all you need are these baby blues! This summer, it’s all about the blues and this one is like no other. The creamy pastel polish is so gorgeous, you’ll be hooked on it all summer long!


If you wanna rock some attitude with your summer pastels, then try the Laura G Mattitude top coat! Add this polish to any manicure for a matte, gloss-free, finish.


You know we all secretly wish we can rock a Tutu from time to time- and now we can! The light rosy pink is the sweet touch your summer needs, so wear it on your fingernails and toesies whenever! Tutu also looks great next to Bowtie, so don’t be afraid to switch it up a little.

Box Details: Each month, you will receive an exclusive collection of gel-like nail polishes. Every monthly package contains three unique colors and you will never get the same color or trio collection twice!

Good To Know: Cancel your subscription anytime, skip months you don’t want or trade for a different set of polish. It’s that simple.

Thoughts: PolishMe Polish Club has gone pale for June! Usually they provide a neutral and a couple spicy colours but I like that they have mixed it up for June. I am always drawn to a more subtle colours anyways!

Question: Which color is you?





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