Postmark’d Studio Spoiler February 2020

Last week to order your February “Take a Leap” PostBox

A leap year only comes around every 4 years and it seemed a shame not to pounce on this extra day in 2020!

I took a cue from a leapling (what you are called if you are born on February 29th) and created a curated collection of leaping animal cards to celebrate this extra day!

Our February Postmark’d Studio PostBox will have 4 gorgeous cards, 1 postcard, US vintage postage and a fun artsy doodad!

*Just a little hint; I think this collection will make adorable valentine day cards to send to friends and family!

Subscribe by January 25th, to receive the February “Take a Leap” Postmark’d Studio PostBox. It will be ship on January 30th.

Use the code YOB404ME to save 50% off your 1st box when you join our snail mail revolution with a 3-month subscription.

I say, “hop to it” and let’s “jump in” and send some snail mail joy that will have your recipients leaping over the moon!

-Postmark’d Studio

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