Smartass & Sass Spoilers March 2022

Smartass & Sass is a gift and subscription service for snarky individuals and cynical a**holes. They hand-select products from artists and small businesses and work with manufacturers to produce brand-new items that are sure to make you giggle. Subscribers also help them decide on items and have access to a secret sale shop.

Here’s a peek at the first two items in the March “Adult-ish” Smartass & Sass box…..

This month’s first spoiler is the “Bitch Be Gone” spray bottle from Plant Therapy!⁠ 

Here are the highlights:⁠

  • 16 oz.⁠
  • GLASS! (Reuse again and again!)⁠
  • Bottle and silicone sleeve are dishwasher safe! The nozzle should be hand-washed.⁠
  • Gets rid of all those germs! ⁠⁠⁠

This month’s second spoiler is the “Doing Squats” resistance band set from Smartass & Sass! ⁠

Set of three hysterically custom bands, all with different resistant strengths. Go blue if you want somethin’ light, yellow if you want that medium comfort zone, and head to black if you want your ass kicked. ⁠

What else is in the box?⁠

  • Spray bottle (SPOILER)⁠*⁠
  • Body bands (SECOND SPOILER)*⁠
  • Table protectors*⁠
  • Cleaning cloth*⁠
  • Metal measurers*⁠
  • Fresh wrap*
  • Purpose pad
  • Chomper cleaner*
  • Holder-of-things⁠
  • Tiny traveler*⁠
  • & a sassy shirt for BIG box subscribers!⁠

*These items contain profanity.⁠

What You Get: Each Smartass & Sass box will have 5-8 handmade, hilarious items. The items will have a theme (e.g. Motivational AF) and all of the items will relate to it. You can expect things like mugs, notebooks, tote bags, water bottles, pens & pencils, magnets, candles, and more. They regularly survey their sassy gang to make sure they are finding the types of goods you want to get.


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