TheraBox Spoilers March 2023

TheraBox is a monthly subscription box curated by practicing therapists to inspire happier lives. Each box incorporates 1 happiness boosting activity inspired by research in mindfulness, psychology, and neuroscience to rewire the brain for more joy and positivity. Additionally, they select 6-8 wellness products sourced from vendors that produce natural, organic, and feel-good products ranging from aromatherapy, clean beauty/skincare, and unique lifestyle goodies. Themes and items change each month so it’s always a delightful surprise!

Here’s a peek at 3 of the items in the March “Pure” TheraBox…


Soak reusable cotton rounds with Nuria’s Refreshing Micellar Water and cleanse skin in just a few swipes! Packed with potent vitamins and natural bioactive compounds, this gentle formula effortlessly removes makeup and impurities without harsh chemicals. Infused with the perfect purifying pair Chamomile and Sage, and cooling Aloe Leaf Juice, it soothes and moisturizes for a fresh and dewy complexion. The free-radical fighting properties of these herbal powerhouses work in unison to combat the signs of aging by reducing the effects of photodamage as they help prolong skin elasticity. Say goodbye to even the most stubborn waterproof makeup and hello to pure and refreshed skin!


Hilma’s nature-powered capsules bring pure sinus support so you can stop and smell the flowers or do spring cleaning without worrying about seasonal irritants like pollen or dust. Each bottle contains 60 herb-infused capsules for a 30-day defense for April showers or May flowers. With four carefully-chosen organic ingredients to create a powerful yet natural treatment for the most common ailments. Made with immunity-boosting Tinospora, PA-Free Butterbur and Spirulina and Nettles for healthy and clear nasal pathways. Bask in the renewal and growth season by fully immersing yourself in the beauty of the outdoors without any sniffs and sneezes thanks to a non-drowsy drug-free formula. Whether hiking along the mountain air or sitting on your porch surrounded by fragrant flowers; Hilma’s natural science-backed remedy allows you to breathe easy — naturally!


Just like Mother Earth sheds its old leaves to make way for fresh flowers, scrub away dead skin cells to make way for healthy and renewed skin! A pure blend of 100% Arabica coffee, hand-mined yellow Huma, natural Bulgarian clay, and distilled chamomile extract creates a detoxifying formula that balances sebum production and eliminates redness and irritation. Suitable for sensitive skin, the gently-ground coffee particles specially sourced from Costa Rica, Brazil, Honduras, and Ethiopia come in the ideal spherical shape to delicately remove deep-seated dirt. For optimal results, regularly exfoliate by massaging T-Zone and other targeted areas in a circular motion. Committed to harnessing the power of nature with only the finest natural, eco-friendly ingredients, Derm ‘De Arabica embraces the natural cycle of renewal and growth so you can revitalize and bloom just like the world around you.

What You Get: Each TheraBox includes 1 research inspired therapeutic activity to wire your brain for more joy plus 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress & enhance your life! They aim to inspire more love & happiness in every box through mindfully curated products to feed your mind, body & soul.


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