Tribe Beauty Box Spoiler #3 June 2019

Tribe Beauty Box is a bi-monthly (every two months) subscription box for beauty lovers. Discover new products & stock up on already loved ones! Get 4-5 products for only $34.99.

Here’s a peek at the 1st spoiler for the June Tribe Beauty Box….

June box is here! Spoiler #1: Dive In Moisturizer by @wander_beauty [$36]

The lightweight and non-greasy gel-cream texture absorbs quickly and works well with makeup for a beautiful complexion. 

Dive In Moisturizer is enriched with pentavitin which binds water to skin and creates a moisture barrier, providing up to 72 hours of deep hydration.

A powerful combination of thirteen fruit extracts including strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and acai defend skin against skin damaging free radicals that cause premature aging. These antioxidant packed fruit extracts also tone and have been known to brighten skin over time. Humectants such as glycerin, panthenol and sodium hyaluronate are known to attract water like a magnet, so skin left plump is hydrated.

Here’s a peek at the 2nd spoiler for the June Tribe Beauty Box….

City Limits by @ibybeauty [$20]: This eyeshadow palette is packed with 12 highly pigmented, buttery and blendable shades. Infused with Rosehip Seed Oil for skin protecting properties. This mauve palette has the ideal balance of light, transition and dark shades, we can’t wait to see the looks you’ll create.

Here’s a peek at the 3rd spoiler for the June Tribe Beauty Box….

In the June box, every Triber will receive Sinfully Angelic Lipgloss by @lasplashcosmetics [$18]

Soar into the heavens with your new Sinfully Angelic lip gloss! They offer over worldly protection while still giving you that glossy glamorous look. While equipped with our Sinfully Angelic lip glosses, your inner beauty and purity will awaken giving you a holy glow that rivals the angels. Who needs halos and wings when you have the Sinfully Angelic collection in your fight against Evil.

You will receive the shade Afriel, Angelique, Erela, Cassiel or Divinity.

What You Get: With Tribe Beauty Box you will receive 5 full or deluxe-sized beauty products from trendy, to independent and up-and-coming brands. Their beauty experts carefully select each item based on the staple products needed in each beauty kit, as well as current trends.


Tribe Beauty Box

A bi-monthly (every two months) subscription box for MUAs, to help build and replenish their kit!

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