VTMN Packs Vitamin of the Month January 2023

VTMN Packs is Canada’s first vitamin subscription service providing personalized daily vitamin packs tailored to your body’s needs. In just a few clicks, your vitamins are delivered right to your door.

Here is a peek at the featured VTMN Packs vitamin for January 2023….

Feature: L – Theanine

What’s in our cabinet today? One of our most nourishing adaptogen that plays a significant role in balancing sex hormones – MACA! 😘⁠

Historically, it has been used for mental acuity, endurance and stamina as well as reducing levels of anxiety and depression. Maca has also been shown to maintain sexual function in aging men and women, and can be helpful in managing symptoms of PMS, Menopause or other hormone imbalances once a root cause has been established. ⁠

Its adaptogenic nature allows it to respond to each individual’s needs separately, raising levels of hormones that are low and lowering levels of hormones that are in excess. However, if you are currently managing a hormonal imbalance or dealing with a condition such as PCOS, we recommend discussing this with your primary care provider first.⁠

Here is a fun fact: There are actually 13 different phenotypes of Maca that vary in their effects on the body. Maca is often categorized based on the color of its skin and tends to grow in three main color groups: Yellow, Red and Black. All three colors will always grow alongside each other in a ratio of approximately 70% yellow, 20% red and 10% black. Ancient scripts from Peru claim that this isn’t by chance, but rather how “She” (la maca) wants you to consume her. Yellow is for daily use and long term balance while red and black are sacred and saved for acute or chronic therapeutic use.⁠

Our supplement is grown and sun-dried in Peru and is certified Organic. It contains a mix of all three colors of maca as nature intended and is gelatinized for better absorption and tolerability.⁠

As with any natural health product, you should consult your healthcare practitioner to see if this supplement is right for you.⁠

What You Get: Each VTMN Packs order comes with enough packs to cover you for 30 days, so depending on how often you take your supplements (most of ours are taken twice a day), the total number of packs you get may be between 30 and 60.


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