VTMN Packs Vitamin of the Month May 2022

VTMN Packs is Canada’s first vitamin subscription service providing personalized daily vitamin packs tailored to your body’s needs. In just a few clicks, your vitamins are delivered right to your door.

Here is a peek at the featured VTMN Packs vitamin for May 2022….

Feature: Iron

What’s in our cabinet? Today we are looking at our Iron supplement, which comes as the gentle, easily absorbable bisglycinate form.

While Iron is an essential mineral responsible for a number of critical functions in the body, getting too much Iron can be dangerous, which is why we only recommend taking a supplement based on the advice of your primary care provider, as determined by your blood levels or symptoms.

If you’re generally healthy and eat a varied diet, you’re likely getting your daily required intake (yes, even vegans and vegetarians with thoughtful meal planning can achieve optimal iron levels through diet alone). To help improve the absorption of your dietary Iron intake, you may wish to consider doing some of the following things: – Adding a source of Vitamin C at meals – Avoiding Calcium supplements with meals – Cooking food in cast iron skillets or using a “lucky iron fish” – Increasing your legume and leafy green intake

As with any natural health product, you should consult your healthcare practitioner to see if this supplement is right for you

What You Get: Each VTMN Packs order comes with enough packs to cover you for 30 days, so depending on how often you take your supplements (most of ours are taken twice a day), the total number of packs you get may be between 30 and 60.


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