VTMN Packs Vitamin of the Month October 2021

VTMN Packs is Canada’s first vitamin subscription service providing personalized daily vitamin packs tailored to your body’s needs. In just a few clicks, your vitamins are delivered right to your door.

Here is a peek at the featured VTMN Packs vitamin for October 2021….

Feature: Vitamin D

Let’s Talk Vitamin D!

Did you know….

  • 40-75% of people are deficient in vitamin D
  • Most adults should aim for levels between 100-150nmol/L
  • Vitamin D can be obtained from sun exposure, or some foods but supplements are often required to attain optimal levels
  • Low Vitamin D levels are associated with greater risk of many diseases and viral infections
  • The darker the skin, the greater the probability of a vitamin D deficiency.

Have you had your levels tested recently? You might be surprised when you do!

If you aren’t already taking Vitamin D, what are you waiting for? 

What You Get: Each VTMN Packs order comes with enough packs to cover you for 30 days, so depending on how often you take your supplements (most of ours are taken twice a day), the total number of packs you get may be between 30 and 60.


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