White Willow Box Spoiler #1 October 2021

White Willow Box is a bi-monthly women’s lifestyle subscription box. In each box, you will find 4-5 full-sized and deluxe sample size products.

Here’s a peek at the first spoiler in the October White Willow Box….

Choose Between:

LICK – Intensely moisturizing and revitalizing lip balm that smooths and protects. Made with Jojoba oil and lemon essential oil, this one is an instant mood lifting, pick-me-up kind of lip balm.


KISS – Ultra-hydrating and refreshing lip balm that naturally conditions and moisturizes for healthy looking lips. Made with a blend of Jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, Shea butter and refreshing peppermint oil, this one is all about the feel – leaving your lips feeling fresh and keeps you smiling all day

What You Get: Every other month, White Willow Box subscribers will receive a lovely box with 4-5 full-sized and deluxe sample size products that may include:

  • personal care
  • beauty
  • fashion accessories
  • home decor accents
  • culinary delights
  • kitchen gadgets
  • fine paper goods/stationary
  • other fun lifestyle surprises…


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