Wild Life Adventure Kits Featured Kit October 2022

Wild Life Adventure Kits is a subscription box that inspires outdoor play and exploration. A fresh kit of essential outdoor gear, activities, games, crafts, and a merit pin arrives at your door.

Here is a peek at Wild Life Adventure Kits #11, the Fix-It Kit…

When do you use duct tape on a duck? When he’s quacked!

Our Fix-It Kit is all about fixing and reusing gear, and nature repairs. Here are 3 skills your little ones will learn from Kit No. 11 Fix-It:

  • How to make a rope out of plant fibre
  • 3 different sewing techniques
  • and endless ways to use duct tape

There are many more skills and fun facts to be learnt from our Fix-It kit. What is something you’ve have to repair with Kit No. 11?

What you Get: Each Wild Life Adventure Kits has 3-4 quality outdoor items and 10+ hours of skill-building activities, outdoor games and nature crafts. Built for the backcountry or backyard. Explore the outdoors while learning life-skills like navigation, shelter building, first aid and outdoor cooking.


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