Women’s Collective Box Spoiler #3 Winter 2021

Women’s Collective Box is a quarterly subscription box that has a mission to support and empower women entrepreneurs.

Here is a peek at the design of the Winter 2021 Women’s Collective Box….

So excited to finally share the Winter Box design by @mercedes.tabish 

Fun back story, I met @mercedes.tabish at a pop up market in Oregon while on vacation there last year. We got a custom portrait of Andrew and I and one of her bigger prints and I’ve been obsessed with her work ever since! I’m so happy we were able to work together on this box and I love the unique pattern she came up with that showcases how we are all connected.

Here is a peek at the 1st item in the Winter Women’s Collective box…

Winter artwork by: @mercedes.tabish

Here is a peek at the 2nd item in the Winter Women’s Collective box…

A hot + cold therapy pack from @belovedbyv in a special print made for Women’s Collective Box!

Hot + cold therapy pack for natural pain and stress relief. For soothing warmth, place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. For cool relief, place on the freezer for 1 hour +.

Use for: headaches, sore neck, back pain, joint pain, bruises, burns, toothaches, puffy eyes and any other sore or swollen non sensitive area.

What You Get: Each Women’s Collective Box includes with 6-8 full sized items from women-owned businesses and 5% of our profits go back to empowering small women-owned brands.





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