ZenPop Japan Spoiler #3 February 2019

ZenPop lets you discover Japan through our monthly themed packs. Our Ramen, Sweets, Mix (Ramen & Sweets) or Stationery packs feature the very best Japanese goodies, handpicked by our team in Osaka and shipped worldwide (for free!)

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The February Ramen Pack theme is SHOYU SAMPLER!

One of the main 4 types of ramen available in Japan, shoyu (soy sauce) ramen might be the most common. There is something so satisfying about the rich salty umami flavor and it’s sample enough to be the perfect backdrop for adding extra ingredients to.

We collected 5 variations of shoyu ramen for you to try, including one yakisoba with shoyu flavor sauce!

Our ZenPop Ramen Pack includes 8 different bowls of authentic Japanese ramen to try.





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