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Learn Engineering and Electronics with hands-on projects delivered to your door each month!
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Box Details:

Creation Crate is a STEM education learning platform. Their subscription uses hands-on projects to teach 21st-century skills in over 65 countries! Build beginner engineering projects with Creation Crate JR ft TechCard (Ages 8+) or more challenging projects with Creation Crate Electronics (Ages 12+). Both curriculums are approved!
  • Creation Crate JR ft TechCard includes all needed project material with step by step instructions
  • Creation Crate Electronics includes online learning management system, components, and an Uno R3 (Arduino Compatible)
  • Learning management system includes access to online video lessons, step by step instructions, and bonus project challenges
  • Progressively challenging project curriculum approved by
  • No prior programming experience required

Additonal Info:

What You Get:

Electronics – Every box is going to be different depending on the project, but the 3 main components are: the UNO R3 (Arduino-compatible), which is like a pocket-sized computer, various components, and the instruction booklet.

Engineering – Learn how to build your structures and mechanisms using high quality card, axles, wheels, pulleys and more!

You’ll also be given access a project support page on the site!

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Shipping Fees

There is a flat rate of $5 per box for shipping to Canada, US, and rest of the world.

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