Creation Crate Spoiler June 2019

Learn How To Program A Bluetooth Boombox With Creation Crate

Learning is fun when you solve real-world problems. However, our schools have become disconnected from the real world. That is why Creation Crate developed a better way to learn by combining hands-on projects with online courses. Their project-based learning experience makes the process easy by sending you all the hardware you need with access to an Online Classroom that improves your critical thinking with challenges and exercises.

Here is a sneak peak of your month 4 project…

Bluetooth Boombox

Learn how to build and program a Bluetooth Boombox by attaching a speaker to a Bluetooth module that you can connect to your phone and play music. Connect a button to the Arduino and a relay that will allow you to choose between different modes and display messages accordingly on an LCD Display.

What’s Included With Creation Crate:

All the hardware needed to build your project

Access to an online course that gives you step by step instructions, video tutorials, exercises, challenges, and more.

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-Creation Crate

Creation Crate

Creation Crate is a tech-ed subscription box that teaches electronics and coding with hands-on projects delivered to your door.

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