Journal Junk Box

Shipping since: October 2020
$44 per month
The Journal Junk Box is the journal lovers best kept secret. Our box is filled with journal, pen, office/stationery items and something to pamper you.
Shipping: $9.95
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Monthly
Currency: USD
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Box Details:

The Journal Junk Box is the journal lovers best kept secret. Our box is filled with journal, pen, office/stationery items and something to pamper you. If you love all things journaling and office supplies, you’ll fall in love with our box. The Journal Junk box is a box for journal lovers and box babes. It’s filled with things you’ll adore.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Journal Junk Box subscribers will receive a full-sized mystery box packed with 8-10 items such as journal, pens, office supplies and other junk you’ll adore.

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How much is shipping?

Each box has a flat rate of $9.95. Our gift options and pre-pay yearly options have shipping included in the price.

The shipping cost is not included in our subscription box price because we want to maximize the items you receive in each package and heighten the box experience. At times, the box may weight may exceed the shipping costs charged and in this case, we will cover the additional charges.

When will my box ship?

We understand that sign up vs. shipping times can be confusing at times for subscriptions, so we will explain a bit further here.

We are open for subscriptions for our next shipment between the 1st and 8th of the month or until we sell out. If we have more spaces to get in before our next shipment we will continue to accept subscribers for that period. However, there are times that we sell out of the next box before the 8th. When this happens, a message will be posted on the website stating that we are sold out for the current month. When this happens, and you have subscribed after the cut off, you’ll automatically receive a box the following month. At times, there will be an option to add a box to be shipped within 3 days (if available) at checkout.

Our boxes ship out each month on or around the 28th of the month. Certain times of the year, we may ship boxes slightly early. We currently only ship within the U.S.

Boxes typically arrive to most locations between the 1st and 5th of the month. If any questions about our shipping policies, please contact us.

First month boxes can take longer to arrive depending when you subscribe.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We understand that life happens and that our box won’t be the perfect fit for everyone. If you’re not satisfied with your box you can always cancel/skip a monthly plan at anytime or cancel before your payment terms renew. Please visit our website to read more on our policies

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds. Please note: this is a surprise box and there’s always a risk that you may dislike some of the contents on a particular month. If not happy with what’s inside, this is a perfect opportunity to regift items to friends and family.

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