5 Reasons We Love The Spark Box

Anyone else feeling like baby fever is in full swing!? Now that summer is upon us and everyone is getting outside, we’re seeing all the new moms and babies and even babies on the way everywhere! We just love babies and little ones over here at A Year of Boxes with many of us being Mamas ourselves, so it only makes sense that one of our favorite boxes is The Spark Box – a Mom and Baby box full of things for both you and your mini me.

It’s so important to support the overall health and wellbeing of mamas along with inspiring a baby’s development which is exactly what The Spark Box aims to do. We just love their mission so much that we thought all the new mom’s out there might appreciate a quick look at the top 5 reasons we love this box and think you (and your little one) should check it out!

1: This is a box you and your baby can enjoy together! I mean, what’s more fun than unboxing a box on your own? Unboxing with your little mini of course! This one is almost like a two-for-one box since you’ll find items for both mom and baby inside. The items for mom include things like jewelry, cosmetics, skincare, snacks, accessories, clothing, home goods and the items for children include things like body care, toys, accessories, books, teethers, food and even more!

2: They are proudly Canadian and work to highlight the best Canadian brands and small businesses. So many boxes feature dominantly US brands and since much of our team is located in Canada, we appreciate boxes that introduce us to brands from up north. There are so many wonderful and amazing Canadian brands to discover this way!

3: They only include full-sized, high-quality items in each box. There will be 4 for mom, and 4 for baby. Plus they even include bonus items and they aren’t your typical sample-size bonus items, they are often full-sized too. So overall you’ll receive around 10 or more items each quarter. All the items are so thoughtful, useful, on-trend and help with making mom feel pampered and taken care of while keeping baby entertained and curious.

4: The items included for children are always age appropriate. You enter your child’s birthdate and will then receive age-specific items to guide to your child’s development and play. It’s so thoughtfully tuned in to the age brackets they send for. It doesn’t just wide-blanket the first segment of development, they break it down in to realistic age groupings staring with 0-12 weeks, then 4-6 months, 7-9 months, 10-12 months, 12-18 months and lastly 16-24 months. It easily aligns with the quarterly subscription model too! They really take a true learning and development approach to choosing the items which we really appreciate!

5: Each box comes with a handy little guide that’s fun, helpful, and definitely adds value to the box. There’s a ton of useful information in each little booklet that helps to guide to your child’s development and play to enhance the box experience. It includes age appropriate activities and more! It’s fun and super helpful, and definitely adds value to the box.

Our list for reasons we love The Spark Box could go on forever, but these are our top 5 reasons that you (and your babe!) should check it out! Be sure to let us know if this is one of your favorite boxes too!

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