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Lisle is a clean beauty, green living, holistic lifestyle and infertility advocate blogger from Chicago, Illinois. She’s a mom and graphic designer who loves skincare, self care, yoga, nature and hunting vintage goods.

Reviewing since: 05/2018
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
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Hi, I’m Lisle! I’m a clean beauty, green living, holistic lifestyle and infertility advocate blogger from Chicago Illinois. My days of living through fertility treatments may be in the past, but it’s that experience that led me to blogging and green living in the first place. Through lots of research on how to increase my chances of conceiving I learned what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. I’ve discovered so many wonderful, natural and clean products along with a ton of helpful information over the last few years that I decided to start a blog to share the wealth and find community.

Additonal Info:

One of my favorite ways to discover new products and small businesses has become subscription boxes. Not only are they a cost effective way to discover and try new things, but they gave me a surprise to look forward to every month to keep spirits high and my mind busy with a positive distraction while taking care of myself too. I’ve become a big advocate for any form of self care and I’d like to think a monthly present to yourself in the form of a subscription box full of products to nourish your body and soul certainly counts! My favorite kind of boxes are of course clean beauty but also anything related to health, yoga, organic products, self care and home goods.

Aside from blogging about all things green living, I am a first time mom to a little girl conceived through IVF so I am currently navigating motherhood too. My husband and I were also parents to two fur babies long before our daughter arrived and still love them to bits even though they’ve certainly taken the back seat since our gal arrived. Family is my number one but I also love graphic design (my profession), yoga, traveling, cooking, reading magazines, home decorating and collecting vintage anything and everything. Summer is my favorite season, California is my favorite place, spaghetti with meatballs is my favorite food and I can’t live without any and all sweets. I look forward to connecting with any readers on shared love of subscription boxes, green living, infertility or anything at all!


You can find me over on my BotanicGal website at
I post product reviews, musings and information I’ve discovered because sharing is caring! I love helping others, whether it’s sifting through the thousands of products available to find the best and most useful ones or understanding how everything we do affects our health – connecting with others who have similar interests is what it’s all about.

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Anything related to beauty, health, wellness, yoga, eco-friendly products, organic products, self care, food and home goods.

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I welcome the use of my photos for reposting on social media, but appreciate tagging credit to @thebotanicgal. If you would like to use the photos for purposes other than social media please contact me.

Review Timeline:
Reviews will be posted within 7-10 days of receiving the box.

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Full review posts are always found on here on A Year of Boxes. I generally post a monthly recap of favorite items received in each box I review to my own personal blog. I often share box details and review information on my Instagram as well.

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May 2018

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