5 Reasons We Love Wildflower Club

They say April showers bring May flowers, but in our case all those showers brought us something even more lovely – our Wildflower Club! Spring is the absolute perfect time to highlight this box, as even though they send floral delight year round, it feels especially perfect during this season. If you’re not familiar with Wildflower Club, it’s a newer nature- themed subscription box that sends boxes bi-monthly. Each box contains 3-5 items (plus a sticker!) with a nature theme, all made in America by handmade artisans. Like I mentioned, the most recent April box really brightened up all these rainy spring days we’ve been having with it’s encouragement to get outside and garden while also providing tools to tend to ourselves too. Since we think this box is extra-spring-special, we though it would be helpful to share 5 reasons we love our Wildflower Club box too!

5 Reasons We Love Wildflower Club

1. It’s created by an artist and includes exclusive art in each box. The curator is a hand lettering and watercolor artist who draw inspiration from the raw beauty of the mountains, lakes, and wildflowers found where she lives in Montana. You can really feel the artist inspiration in each box from the way it’s packaged to how perfectly the items go together. Plus, I can’t forget to mention that the artist herself designs and includes items featuring her art. There is always an art print (usually hand lettering or watercolor or a mix of both) and a sticker, but also includes other items like the Stay Wild pouch that was in the April box. I’m an artist myself, so I really appreciate the craft that goes into this box!

2. Everything ties to nature and inspires you to get outside. I have come to appreciate the power of nature so much as I get older, but even so, it can be hard to be pulled away from the daily grind to get out and get some fresh air. I like that this box has such a nature flair that you can’t help but be inspired to find some flowers out in the sunshine.

3. Every product is conscious and thoughtfully selected. They ensure all their products are either women owned, eco-friendly, socially conscious, small batch, or all of the above. You can be assured that every box you purchase supports the earth and small artisans. I really appreciate this aspect as those are two things I try to incorporate into a majority of my purchases and this makes that extra fun!

4. It’s created by women for women (but of course all are welcome to purchase this box)! One of their key purposes in creating this box was because they know that women often take care of others before taking care of themselves. They hope this box brings inspiration to fill your cup up and take care of yourself too. Receiving this box is such a treat that feels like an uplifting present to yourself right from the start. Then of course all the items inside are so wonderfully aimed at providing beautiful things, self care items and of course inspiration to recharge in nature – because that’s the ultimate way to fill up your cup. The most recent April box theme was perfect for this because it included ways to tend to yourself through gardening and first aid.

5. Each box is packed to the brim with items making it a great value. They guarantee that each box will contain 3-5 items, but in our experience so far there have been 6-11 total items included (I’m including the sticker in that count). It’s always awesome when boxes exceed your expectations and provide an even bigger value than you were expecting. The best part about it is that even though there are more items, they don’t compromise on quality at all. Everything is still incredibly crafted, thoughtful and well-made.

While this list could certainly be longer, that wraps our 5 reasons why we love the Wildflower Club. Let us know if you’ve tried this box out and what your reasons are for loving it down below!

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