5 Subscription Boxes for Date Nights In

Like most things these days, date nights have moved to be an indoor activity (more specifically an at home activity). As the seasons and weather change less and less things are open the way they used to be and it’s not nearly as pleasant to spend a day out on a restaurant patio or at the beach to get in that quality time together when the temps are on the border of freezing (for those of us up in the north). And for those lucky enough to have nice weather, many businesses and activities are harder to access anyway with the pandemic happening.

Being at home for a date night can feel, well, rather boring if you’re also at home all day for work and regular life. But if you get creative, there are plenty of ways to make that time together feel special and not just like an ordinary day. You might not be shocked to find me recommending starting up a subscription to a box to remedy this situation and keep the date nights rolling. They can help spice things up and give you something to set that date night in stone. Plus it keeps things fun and gives you something to look forward to each month. Here are 5 types of subscription boxes that can inspire a fun night of togetherness at home.

Relationship Strengthening Fun

Boxes, like Crated with Love, are focused on getting couples to grow their relationships in a fun way. They come with games and activities focused around growth and laughter to help couples reconnect. Things like card games, conversation starters, and music playlists help round out a new inspiring theme each month. This box is great for learning new things about yourself and your partner.

An Actual Date Night Out in a Box!

Date night boxes, like Night in Box, deliver a pre-planned date experience right to your front door. The contents are always revolved around a theme (like say, Roaring 20’s or Dinner & Dancing) and can include things like themed activities, games, a snack for two, something to set the mood for the date and a suggested curated dinner menu. This box is great for trying new things and inspiring creativity.

Dinner Delivered

There are a ton of different meal delivery options, from those that deliver fully prepped meals to those that send along pre-prepped ingredients to make cooking easy. We love HelloFresh or HelloFresh Canada which plans, preps, shops, and delivers fresh ingredients straight to your door. All you have to do is put it together and cook it up. What makes this great for date night is that you don’t have to think about what to make, it’s just ready to do the fun part, which is cooking it together. Dinner is always a great way to slow down and connect over delicious food, but it’s even better when there isn’t a lot of work to put in behind it. You can just make, eat and enjoy! Nearly like a night out to a restaurant. This kind of box is great for those that connect over shared experiences and delicious food.

Wine Bar at Home

If you love wine and are used to getting out each weekend to sample new blends and talk vino together then a wine subscription like Wine Down Box is a great way to bring that experience to your home. They send expertly curated pairings from the best small-batch California wines along with fresh, artisanal cheese, handcrafted charcuterie, and scratch-made crackers. This box is great for discovering new wines, inciting conversation and creating new memories.

Game Night Challenges

A box like Escape the Crate sends a new escape room game to you every other month. Each month is a new theme like escaping from a pirate ship or solving murder mysteries in which you work with your partner to crack codes, solve riddles, and discover hidden items all related to a beautifully crafted story giving you an hour long escape room experience right from home. This type of box is great if you are the adventurous type of couple and love using a good challenge to find connection though.

There are a ton more boxes out there that you can find shared experience through, but these are some of our favorite options. Each provides a different experience too, so why not subscribe to several to ensure you always have something fun to do together. It could be a long winter indoors, so if you try one of these out, have any other subscription boxes you like, or even have other creative at-home date ideas that you and your partner connect over, share with us below! Enjoy your non-traditional date nights everyone!

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