6 Reasons We LOVE Quarterly Subscription Boxes

You’re likely familiar that many subscription boxes are designed to be a monthly treat that shows up on your doorstep, which don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love. Although, for some people, that might be a bit overwhelming. You may not know however, that some subscription boxes are set up as a more manageable quarterly delivery so they line up with the changing seasons instead of the changing of the calendar.

Since summer is my all time favorite season I thought it would be fun to discuss which quarterly subscription boxes are favorites around here at A Year of Boxes and all the reasons why these seasonal deliveries are extra special!

You might think it’s not as exciting to receive a box every season, but trust me, quarterly subscription boxes are as good as they get! Here are some specifics on what makes them worth the investment:

1: They often theme around the seasons and usually deliver at the beginning of the season so you have the entire 3 months to enjoy and make use of the contents. That’s especially great when for say, summer, things like sunscreen or sunglasses are sent. That way you can test those type of items out during all your pool trips or beach adventures.

2: The extended window between deliveries is also perfect for boxes that deliver things like full-sized skincare or beauty items. This means you have ample time to test it out (or use it up if you love it!) before another item shows up. That way your make-up drawer doesn’t get over-run and your skin has time to let you know how it’s going to react and then adjust. Of course, this only applies to select seasonal boxes that contain these type of items, but it’s worth noting none-the-less.

3: Because there is more time between deliveries, the owners have more time to curate and seek out the best items to package together for the theme. Because of the extra time, some boxes even have opportunities for community involvement, like voting so you can help choose some of the items selected too.

4: These boxes generally have a higher value of contents meaning that not only is the total value higher and that there are more items packed in, but also that the goods inside are extra high quality too. This does usually mean that the cost of the box itself is higher, but since you only pay 4x/year, it evens out.

5: The seasonal boxes make really great gift options since they are so full of goodies and value too. Plus I’ve noticed they really give attention to packaging and making it look gift-like. So even if you’re just gifting it to yourself, it’s a real treat!

6: Lastly, a quarterly delivery is actually better for the environment and planet as it creates less waste from contents, packaging materials and shipping.

Summer might be close to wrapping up (unfortunately), but that means that fall and the fall seasonal subscriptions are just around the corner. Below are some of our tried and true quarterly subscription boxes who’s summer boxes you’ve got to check out before the seasons change!

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