6 Subscription Boxes to Help you Travel While You’re Stuck at Home

We’re well into winter here and I’m getting some serious cabin fever. Anyone else feeling those stir-crazy vibes too? Being cooped up with freezing temps outside gets my mind in serious travel mode. I start dreaming of beach destinations and new adventures. Between the pandemic and winter in general, it’s not the most convenient to travel this year so I’ve had to get creative to take my mind to new places and really pull on that imagination skill.

But I also realized that subscription boxes could be an awesome tool to help take you to far off places when it’s not feasible to go. There are a ton out there that are inspired by interesting travel destinations intended to take you away. It might not replace the real thing, but they can bring vibes of warm weather, new cultural experiences or a sense of adventure right to your door – no need to leave home! Here are some of our favorites that can help take you to new places!

GlobeIn Artisan Box

Travel to all kinds of far off places with GlobeIn, a monthly subscription box featuring handmade, ethically sourced products from makers all over the world. Find useful household items that support artisans while also adding some cultural flair to your home.

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Get a taste of Japan with this subscription that sends a box filled to the brim with yummy Japanese snacks. They specially curate their monthly snack boxes with a mix of popular out-of-this-world treats as well as traditional flavors.

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Little Passports

This one is for the little travelers (ages 3-12)! It’s a subscription that helps spark a love for adventure through themed activities that offer creative and fun ways to explore the world.

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This box takes you to the airy, cool, and calm ocean coasts by sending a selection of beach-inspired apparel, jewelry, skincare & more!

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This box will have you dreaming of warm beaches through a selection of beach-vacay-ready apparel and lifestyle products. It sends those beach vibes straight to your door and helps you rock the best in beach style year-round.

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Paradise Delivered

Every box is thoughtfully designed to warm the soul, while refreshing and providing warmth to the mind, body and spirit. In this busy, hectic world, we understand the value of taking a break from it all and treating yourself well, as often as you can. Whether it’s in your home, sitting on a beach, or on an adventure – we invite you to treat yourself like you deserve to be treated.

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