Fun Ways to Gift a Subscription Box for the Holidays


There’s no doubt that we here at A Year of Boxes all agree that gifting subscription boxes should be at the top of your giving ideas and have tons of boxes we could recommend to anyone on your gift list. However, we can see how some people might shy away from gifting them since they are scheduled gifts that come after the holiday has passed leaving you just a piece of paper with receipt information on it to give instead.

Those that love to wrap beautiful boxes in pretty paper or delight in the joy of the item being unwrapped might feel like the thrill of gifting a subscription box might initially feel like that of a giving a gift card. BUT, because the gift itself is so much better than a gift card in the end, we wanted to share a few ways you can physically gift a subscription box without having the actual box there to wrap. Here are 7 fun, unique and interactive ways to give a subscription box to someone on your list:

1. Make a custom card or fancy gift announcement to make the simple piece of paper more visually appealing to unwrap. You can design something on the computer with fun fonts and colors or you can choose a bright paper color, write the box information in fun colored markers, add glitter, sequins, ribbon or any other crafty items you might have around. It will be as fun for you to make as it is to gift!

2. Wrap the gift announcement multiple times to increase curiosity and laughter. Wrap it in a smaller box, then put it in an increasing larger boxes up to whatever size you like. It could be giant to make it extra silly. You could even

3. Purchase one item that will match the subject matter of the box and include it with the announcement. A few examples would be if you chose a snack box pick a bag of candy or snack mix; if you picked a candle box pick a mini candle or some fancy matches; if you picked a skincare or makeup box pick a lip balm, some makeup brushes or a spa headband to wrap up along with it.

4. Collect a few items and make a mock mini sub box along with the announcement. If you want to be extra you could collect more than one small item to make your own tiny subscription box to gift. I’ll use the beauty box as an example again, you could collect things like the lipgloss, a travel soap, some travel shampoos, some hair ties or a small eyeshadow to put in a little box to create a little preview experience while they wait for the real box to arrive.

5. Set up a scavenger hunt with clues about the gift along the way as well as the typical clues about finding the next clue. At the end you could use tips from any of the other numbers above to make the unwrapping of the surprise even more thrilling.

6. Wrap some clues or letters in a yarn or tape ball to unravel and piece together for more of a game experience. If choosing clues, they would hint at the subscription box gift with the final end clue revealing the actual gift. You could also wrap individual letters of the subscription box name to have to unscramble the words at the end. (Be sure to google tape ball to get all the specifics on how it works!).

7. Put the receipt in a holiday colored balloon with holiday confetti and require the recipient to pop it for festive fun. This of course would be a more messy option, but it would definitely be memorable!

There are probably many more ideas we could share, but these are just a few that are relatively simple and make the giving process more fun. If you have any creative ideas be sure to share below. Happy giving!

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