Why You Need to Subscribe to a Wellness Subscription Box

The beautiful, last full month of summer is upon us as we soak up the sun throughout the month of August. The hot days and bright, fresh air spark self care by simply inspiring more get out in nature time, which is perfect because August just so happens to be National Wellness Month. It’s not only a month in which we celebrate summer, but also a month long way to highlight how you can incorporate more overall wellness into your life. It promotes focusing on adding self-care practices, finding ways to reduce stress, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and more, all to help create healthy habits that lead to long term overall wellness.

Over here at A Year of Boxes we love month long celebrations (especially when they are wellness related) just about as much as we love subscription boxes, so we’ll take any chance we get to highlight how the two go hand in hand. For National Wellness month we thought it was the perfect time to share how subscription boxes can help you on your wellness journey. Here are our top 5 reasons why we love wellness subscription boxes, plus a handful of our favorite boxes that really send the self care!

1. The best part, of course, is that they make self care easy and a true treat. There’s nothing more indulgent or loving than to give yourself a gift, and it certainly doesn’t need to be material, but that type can be extra delightful. So of course, it feels extra special and motivating when a “to-me-from-me” gift surprisingly shows up at your door each month with new goodies to uncover and try out.

2. Not sure where to start with self-care? Wellness boxes help by taking the guesswork out of the process of creating healthy habits. When life gets so busy it’s easy to put self-care on the back-burner, even simple self care can get set aside. These boxes will give you beginner tools like bath bombs, teas, body care, skin care, aromatherapies, intention cards, healthy snacks, and even monthly supplies of vitamins so you’re never without the nutrients you need. That way you don’t have to even think about what will help you achieve wellness. The curators of these boxes are awesome at what they do and put a lot of thought and effort into creating an easy wellness experience for their subscribers.

3. They help with accountability by providing motivation and inspiration. Lets face it, creating healthy habits isn’t always the easiest. For example, fitting in that recommended exercise. It’s always easier to hit the gym when you have a workout buddy to provide company and partnership in the process. Wellness subscriptions can be that partner in the form of a motivational delivery to your doorstep. Many boxes will send things like wellness ideas, healthy recipes, yoga sequences, exercise routines, journaling prompts, stress relief ideas, motivational quotes, self care tips, guided meditations, tools for creating rituals and more. All great things to help you put in the wellness work.

4. They introduce new self care concepts and ideas you might not had thought of. Perhaps you’re very into healthy eating, but never slow down enough to sit with your thoughts because you’d never heard of mediation or knew how to do it, or maybe you’d heard mention of essential oils but weren’t sure the best uses and combinations. These boxes will have you covered by providing the products you need to help you slow down and take care of yourself while also providing information on the best way to use them and incorporate them into your life and routines. Many boxes will also provide extras like playlists, guided meditations or deeper dives into their chosen themes so you can utilize the tools to their fullest extent.

5. Wellness boxes give you more time for mindfulness while giving you the tools for mindfulness too. There’s not much in the process of creating healthy habits that’s “set it and forget it”. Most things take a lot of time and effort to incorporate as a solid habit. That’s why subscription boxes are great, because they truly are “set it and forget it” in that they just show up on your doorstep each month (or quarter) delivering reminders to do your self care practices and set aside some me-time. Self-care couldn’t be simpler!

There you have our top reasons why wellness boxes should be on your list of must-subscribe-to’s! Here are a few of our favorite boxes to get you started on your wellness and self-care journey too. Be sure to let us know if you have any favorites already!

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