Amoda Tea Review December 2016

Amoda Tea Review December 2016

For the last couple months I’ve had a cup of tea almost every afternoon around 2pm. I still haven’t jumped on the morning tea train, I can’t give up my coffee just yet, but afternoon tea is another story altogether. Afternoon tea is my jam. And if it’s a seasonal flavour, and has the Amoda Tea logo……..well that’s ten times better.

Amoda Tea Details

If you aren’t familiar with Amoda Tea it is a monthly tea subscription box that lets you explore the industry’s best tasting teas and the talented, small-batch brands that produce them. Every month you’ll receive 4 different tea samples, steeping instructions, tasting notes, biodegradable tea filters and exclusive membership perks.

Here’s a look at the tea selection we received for December:

Mandarin Spice

A festive blend of mandarin orange, cinnamon, cloves and a note of bourbon flavour. Mandarins have always been a staple for us over the holidays. Although these don’t grow locally, we’ve worked with a local company to dry real mandarin peels. It’s important for us to support local.

You had me at bourbon! Really! Orange, cinnamon and bourbon? Does that not sound like the best flavour combination ever!! And I can’t forget about the cloves. Basically it sounds like Christmas in a cup.

Rocky Mountain Christmas Blend

Banff Tea Co. came up with a Christmas version of one of our favourites of their teas, so we got our hands on it right away! They’ve added mulling spices to their original rooibos and black tea blend along with sweet apple and caramel.

And here I thought the last tea sounded like Christmas in a cup. This one does too! Mulling spices in a tea? That sounds like a really good idea. There’s already way too much Christmas goodness going on, and I still have two teas to go.

Creme De Menthe

A classic combination in many culinary creations, chocolate and mint find a really nice balance here in Clearview’s blend. It has a delicious true chocolate flavour and a mint that blends in rather than takes over. The black tea adds the robust backbone that a blend like this needs.

I am a HUGE fan of mint tea. It’s probably one favourite tea flavours. When all else fails, I go for the mint. If I have a sweet craving I will add a little bit of honey, or agave.

Winter Solstice

We admit, we love the tea leaf and it’s often a challenge to find herbal teas that we love just as much. But….this one is a game changer. Winter woods has magically balanced a long list of organic and foraged ingredients to create this deeply flavoured tea. Dark fruits, warming spices and lively citrus. Yum!

I’m really happy to see a herbal blend in the mix. I like to have tea in the evening. Who doesn’t! Christmas movies, warm blankets, and a cup of tea……..#perfection

Amoda Tea Review December 2016 – Final Thoughts

I am absolutely LOVING this month’s Amoda Tea selection. I was really hoping for some Christmas blends, and that’s exactly what I got. Plus, how cute is the little “Teakaboo” post card. The cuteness is almost too much to handle. Oh, and I should also mention that Amoda Tea has been a huge hit with my guests since we moved into the new house. I always offer my guests tea and the fact that they get to choose from so many amazing flavours puts a smile on their faces. So there we go….Amoda Tea isn’t only to be enjoyed alone……..guests love it to…….#sharingiscaring





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