Amoda Tea Review January 2018

Amoda Tea is the easiest way to discover new teas you’ll love. Receive a monthly delivery of 4 tea samples delivered right to your door. Explore the industry’s best tasting teas and the talented, small-batch brands that produce them. Every month you’ll receive 4 different tea samples, steeping instructions, tasting notes, biodegradable tea filters and exclusive membership perks.

Amoda January Box

With a new year and new subscribers, we like January to be a fresh start box. Bright, fresh flavors to counter the rich warm foods of the holidays and a great variety to introduce (or remind!) what Amoda Monthly boxes are all about.  Our boxes are meant to give you warm comforts, but also push you out of your tea comfort zone and experience fun flavors and unique pure teas that you may or may not have found otherwise.  Simply put… no boring teas!  We also keep wellness in mind with every tea choice.  We hope you enjoy your first tea box of 2018!

Dragon Claw Oolong

Watch the tea leaves steep, looking like claws that slowly unfurl.  There’s a Nepalese tribal expression “Mio Kulang”, which means dragon claws.  Each sip is rich and nutty with hints of stone fruit and malt.  A very unique tea!

I wasn’t a big fan of oolong tea until I started receiving Amoda tea boxes!  They have won me over with this unique blend of tea.  I’m looking forward to seeing those claws steep!

Purple Mint

Do you know Purple Tea?  The leaves are actually purple.  They contain the same antioxidants that are in blueberries.  Add a few drops of lemon and the tea changes colour!  Mint & floral with low caffeine.

Get out of town!  A purple tea?!  Sounds amazing.  Mint also happens to be one of my all time favourite teas too, so this is a double bonus.  I can’t wait to give this one a go.


Banff tea created this blend to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.  With flavours of vanilla, cacao and hazelnut, you’ll be celebrating too!

My mouth is watering at the sounds of this.  Everything about this tea is exactly my cup!  I have a feeling I’ll have to order more of this.

Lemon Bright Eyes

Meant to cleanse and refresh you, and your palate, this caffeine-free tea has a bright lemon flavour.  The herbs can be soothing and calming for brain and body and nourishing for eyes, skin, hair and nails.

Yum!! I love a good lemon tea.  Often in restaurants if they don’t have a tea that I like I will just order hot water and lemon.  It’s a go-to when I’m not feeling well or just need something hot without the buzz.  This sounds so refreshing and light.  Can’t wait to steep it up!

Amoda Tea January 2018 – Final Thoughts

I really do love this subscription!  It has kept my tea cupboard nicely stocked for a year now!  I have not only been able to have ample selection at home, but take the over flow to the office and share with coworkers!  The sample size bag makes a perfect pot of tea, or two to three cups of tea if you separate it into individual steeps.  I have loved having such a wide selection of tea to choose from, as I often get stuck in a rut and will only drink one kind of tea for months on end.  When I have company over I love being able to offer them a huge choice and even steep up a couple different kinds!  I’m not sure how my tea life can continue without Amoda now!  Looks like this box is a life staple.


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