Amoda Tea Review October 2017

Amoda Tea is the easiest way to discover new teas you’ll love. Receive a monthly delivery of 4 tea samples delivered right to your door. Explore the industry’s best tasting teas and the talented, small-batch brands that produce them. Every month you’ll receive 4 different tea samples, steeping instructions, tasting notes, biodegradable tea filters and exclusive membership perks.


We have been reviewing Amoda Tea for quite some time and both Shonah and I love it. It’s a really great way to stock your tea cupboard each month and test out new blends. I get even more excited for this box come October as it’s about this time that I start drinking tea every day in the afternoon (as I am right now).

Subscription Details

Choose from the following two options:

Original Monthly Tea Box

  • Great for: All Tea lovers
  • The teas: A delicious variety of all-natural flavoured teas and unique pure teas. You’ll receive a new surprise selection of premium teas each month with a variety of caffeine levels.
  • What else is inside?
    A collectible tea postcard + everything listed in the box below***

Low Caff Box

  • Great for: Light sleepers
  • The teas: A delicious variety of all-natural flavoured & unique pure teas. You’ll receive caffeine-free & low caffeine teas – a surprise mix of new teas and our most popular from the Original Box.
  • What else is inside?
    A collectible tea postcard + everything listed in the box below***
October Box Details

October has brought us some amazing Fall-inspired teas and a brand new featured tea company. Monarch Tea was started by an official Tea Sommelier of Canada (yes, that’s a real thing!). Founder Katie takes inspiration from the traditional eloquence of tea time and adds her own modern twist. Monarch Tea is based in Hamilton, Ontario and we’re excited to have their teas join the Monthly Tea Box.

Wake Up Mate

Mate is made from the leaves of the yerba mate plant in S. America. It contains caffeine, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants & more! It’s traditionally drunk in gourds like on this month’s postcard. Minty, earthy, gently sweet with a kick of ginger.

This tea sounds very healthy. I love that they mention minerals and amino acids. I also love the addition of mint and ginger….two of my favourites.

Madeline Cookie

Creamy, sweet, but light and airy, just like the cookie. Vanilla and coconut with intriguing hints of citrus and almond that classic madeleines have.

Now this is my kind of tea. My all-time favourites are the blends described as creamy and sweet. Tea is sometimes my evening treat before going to bed. I’ll make a cup and enjoy it with some dark chocolate. I have been doing that a lot since the weather changed.

Harvest Apple

As apples come into season, it’s only fitting to feature this beautiful and delicious Fall Tea. It is crafted with handpicked Green-bluff apples from the Inland Northwest. Sweet apple, rooibos, and warm spices… comforting.

Ahhh…..another favourite blend – rooibos and apples. Rooibos is definitely at the top of my list when it comes to tea varieties. This one will be perfect for my evening tea ritual.

Orange is the New Black

If you were to make a healthy turmeric pumpkin pie, that is what this tea would taste like! Spicy turmeric and hints of ginger meet our local pumpkin, light notes of black tea, cinnamon and a sweet vanilla and anise finish.

No Fall tea box would be complete without a little pumpkin. I am SO glad to see this in the box. Seeing as it is a black tea blend, it will have to be my morning tea. Oh, and I should point out that pumpkin and turmeric go very well together.

Amoda Tea Review October 2017 – Final Thoughts

Amoda Tea never disappoints. They always put together a nice mixture if tea blends and always offer something new. I feel like I have a blend for every occasion. Orang is the New Black can be my morning tea. Wake Up Mate will be my healthy tea for those days I feel like I need a little boost. Harvest Apple will be my afternoon tea enjoyed with my afternoon snack, and Madeline Cookie will be my evening tea enjoyed with a piece of dark chocolate. Yup, they’ve pretty much covered all my needs in one cute little box.

Have a tea lover on your Christmas list? This is the box for them!


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