BuddhiBox Review December 2019

BuddhiBox is a monthly Yoga inspired box that’s based on discovery, union and compassion. Each box contains 4-6 sample and full sized yoga-related products that will inspire your life, workouts and community. Products will be from different categories, including fitness, skincare, and fragrance. You’ll get to try staff favorites, product launches, and more. BuddhiBox believes it’s better to give than to receive, so each month a portion of proceeds from the sale of the boxes is donated to a different charity. They kindly sent us this box for review.

December Box Details

The December BuddhiBox has a wonderful theme: “Inner Light” and comes with a great quote to inspire that theme:

“The powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun – when they are concentrated they illuminate” ~Swami Vivekanada

This time of year, although darker by nature, feels light and uplifting due to the holidays and all the festivities surrounding them. It’s always a fun to be busy and wrapped up in everything that comes along with the holidays, but it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself so this BuddhiBox self-care bundle reminding of one’s inner light and sparkle is perfect to help you slow down and make a moment for a reflective breather.

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s BuddhiBox:

Selenite Tealight Holder ($13)

“This powerful stone is cleansing, healing and protective. It eases connection to higher realms and allows the light within to shine through.”

Such a pretty tea light holder that would make the perfect addition to a meditation alter. It’s a very solid stone that would really glow when the candle’s added. Selenite helps release mental blockages and provides healing so would make for a great meditation companion. I look forward to using it as a tool to help me slow down and look inward in the new year.

Rose Quartz Heart and Sahasrara Charm KeyChain ($15)

“Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It opens the anahata (heart) chakra. With an open heart, ascension of the awakened spiritual energy to the sahasarar (crown) chakra comes more naturally.”

This keychain is so simple and pretty. It’s not bulky and has a convenient clip on it. The rose quartz heart is very sweet and is the stone of love and an open heart. That’s a good energy to carry with you at all times so having it on a keychain is perfect!

Tipson Tea Assorted Flavors ($3)

“Enjoy a cuppa with your friend, and know that the healing benefits of these teas are a gift to your souls.”

These teas are organic matcha teas with natural flavor varieties – a fun concept since I only usually see simple unflavored matcha. I don’t drink caffeine so I likely won’t try these, but if I did I’d be intrigued by these for sure. They sound very tasty!

Crystal Crowe by Paige Crystal and Rose Petal Soy Tealights ($6.50)

“Remember the petals of the heart, and the crystalline purity of your inner being as you light and sit for meditation or enliven your yoga practicewith these candles.”

These are the most perfect pairing for the selenite tea light holder. They are infused with little larkspur flowers and clear quartz so not only are they pretty but have elements to help amplify intentions. Perfect for a meditation practice and especially for one that focuses on the new year ahead.

Gypsy Soul Organics Peppermint Solid ($30)

“Use this solid to restore balance. It relieves headache, upset stomach, sinus congestion, and neck tension with a cool, tingling feeling.”

This peppermint solid is so wonderful! I’ve already used it a few times and I even used it to soothe my baby’s upset stomach. It smells calming and cooling and relaxes the mind. You can use it for headaches and nausea to ease discomfort by putting it on your temples or under your nose. It’s a bit more solid than I expected and doesn’t rub into skin quite as well as I thought, but I still really like it and will definitely get a lot of use out of it.

Opalite Point with Silver Plated Decorative Chain ($15)

“The cool blue color of the opalite point reminds us of the ajna (third eye or brow) chakra which is sometimes known as the gateway to discovery of our inner light in meditation and yoga.”

This necklace is really pretty and I like that it’s a simple stone pendant. I also like that the stone’s meaning is improving communication and giving strength for verbalizing feelings. It’s perfect for wearing everyday.

BuddhiBox Review December 2019 – Final Thoughts

I love this wintery mix of light related goodies in this month’s BuddhiBox! The icy colors of the stones of the tea light holder, the necklace and the keychain are so cool and pretty and fitting for the season. The tea and tealights are perfect for warming up on a cold day and the peppermint solid is crisp and comforting treat for the mind and body. I really like all the items included this month and will be using them to help me get through the rest of the winter months.

The Botanic Gal – http://www.botanicgal.com


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