BuddhiBox Review February 2020

BuddhiBox is a monthly Yoga inspired box that’s based on discovery, union and compassion. Each box contains 4-6 sample and full sized yoga-related products that will inspire your life, workouts and community. Products will be from different categories, including fitness, skincare, and fragrance. You’ll get to try staff favorites, product launches, and more. BuddhiBox believes it’s better to give than to receive, so each month a portion of proceeds from the sale of the boxes is donated to a different charity. They kindly sent us this box for review.

February Box Details

The February BuddhiBox has a fitting theme: “The Heart Chakra, Anahata” and comes with a great mantra to inspire that theme:

“My heart is open. I allow love to shine forth.”

I’m a sucker for a good theme especially when it relates to a holiday so a heart centered theme couldn’t be more perfect for this month. It’s always a good reminder to tend to your own heart, but it’s especially great to be reminded when there’s a lot of focus on loving others.

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s BuddhiBox:

Zen and Meow Heart Chakra Grid ($14)

“Use this image of the heart chakra to gather energy and focus. Create an intention from the heart. Place crystals on the grid to elevate the energy of a heart chakra focused meditation or yoga practice.”

What a cute and useful crystal grid! I love how small and simply designed it is. For reference it’s about 6 inches in diameter. It’s perfect for a small meditation space and even for bringing along with you on travels. I think crystal grids are great for creating a ritual and for amplifying any energies you want to bring to a meditation practice. This one is specifically designed with the heart chakra in mind and will help you in connecting to it during a practice.

Crystal Collection (crystals will vary) ($15)

“We put together a collection of crystals and power stones to with your grid. You can find many resources online, if you need to identify one of them, we like crystaldictionary.com”

So fun to get a surprise collection of crystals that go perfectly with the included crystal grid. They are just the right sized stones to fit the small crystal grid size. The coppery stone is goldstone and is symbolic of light. It helps find grounding when you feel lost. The white stone, I believe, is white quartz and also symbolizes light. It helps bring clarity and clear thinking. I’m not totally sure, but I think the green stone is green adventurine. It’s a comforting stone that helps activate the heart chakra. These three stones combine to work so well together for a heart chakra meditation. They can help clear the mind so you can focus on your heart.

Me Time Botanicals Salty Vibes in the Buff Body Scrub ($16)

“With a sweet spa scent of lavender, rose, and sweet orange this organic scrub will help you relax, and rejuvenate, heart and soul!”

I love body scrubs and I love everything I try from Me Time Botanicals so I’m sure this salt scrub will be great! Body scrubs are especially nice in the winter for helping to slough off that dry skin. This one claims to soften skin without leaving a greasy residue which would be awesome because many scrubs tend to leave an oily feeling behind on skin and on the shower floor. It sounds like it will smell amazing too (I haven’t opened it quite yet) as I love lavender and sweet orange – a calming, yet bright combo. I’ll be using this one very soon for sure!

Soul Flower Choose Love Heart Chakra Sticker ($7.50)

“As you soften into the heart chakra you’ll choose love, by nurturing relationships and showing compassion and empathy to others.”

This sticker would be perfect for adding to a water bottle or laptop sticker collection. It says it’s strong enough for outdoor use so I suppose you could even put this one on your car if that’s your thing. It’s a great and simple message with a soothing and peaceful design.

Oil Living Life Heart Chakra Spray ($12)

“Spritz this all natural EO spray to purify the energy field, or when you need openness for the day ahead.”

This chakra spray smells so nice and uplifting. I can definitely pick up the notes of the geranium essential oil which makes it smell a bit fruity and a bit earthy. It’s also made with bergamot and rose essential oils so there is a hint of floral in there too. It’s intended to help connect you to your heart chakra and can be used as a spray for your room, body or yoga mat. These types of sprays are especially nice for a meditation session where you can set your though intentions to connect to the aroma.

Madhavi Rathod Exclusive Vedic Astrology Reading for BuddhiBox ($10)

Every month for the last several months there has been an astrology reading included for subscribers. The code to access is included on tracking emails and I don’t get those so I’ve never taken advantage of the reading, therefore I always forget to mention it. However, I wanted to be sure to finally note it because it is a fun and unique bonus to this box that adds value too!

BuddhiBox Review February 2020 – Final Thoughts

What a great selection of items that hints toward the month of love theme, but twists it to focus on loving yourself instead. I think it’s often hard to remember to give yourself an abundant amount of love so these tools are the perfect reminder and assist with doing just that. I like that the items in this month’s BuddhiBox are simple, yet powerful and that they all coordinate together. I’m looking forward to planning a self-care evening to tend to my heart very soon!

The Botanic Gal – http://www.botanicgal.com




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