Date Night In Box Review November 2018

It is never too late to show your loved ones how thankful you are to them. I received this box in the beginning of December and I couldn’t have been more thankful. Date Night In Box really does take the time to help you and your favourite person have a wonderful and meaningful date night in.

Date Night In Box always includes a wonderful newspaper bursting with ideas from what to drink, this month it was a delicious Cranberry Spritzer, to having a wonderful dinner Turkey, Brie, and Cranberry Pesto Phyllo Wrap with some Parmesan and Thyme Mashed Potatoes. If that doesn’t get you in the comfy mood I don’t know what will! Of course they top it off with a dessert selection of Salted Caramel Cheesecake Muffin!

But not only do they give you a wonderful choice for dinner but they also give you #tabletalk suggestions to help guide the talk for the night toward the theme of the box.

Some questions were:

  • What characteristics of our relationship are you thankful we have?
  • What date activity in our relationship are in thankful to remember?

They also include somber and sobering stories that help you realize how thankful you are every day to breathe, love, and share your life with others. This is something that gave me chills as I read. This story is something that I plan on sharing as the years come. Your partner is someone who is amazing and can help you conquer anything or help hold your hand and wipe away your tears.

I always love that Date Night In Box includes different crafts and recipes inside their boxes. This always makes me smile! Make sure you read all of the ingredients before you get started on your date night so that you have everything that you need! This is the ice cream that we made for our caramel apple cider floats!

As we enjoyed out Caramel Floats we turned on the custom Spotify Playlist for the night and started talking about and writing down things we were thankful for about each other. After we wrote them down we were told to hide them around the house where they would find them, just when they needed it the most.

Another aspect of the Date Night In Box that I LOVE is that they always include a game to play with your partner. This time it was Gratitude Slam! You were given cards that had letters on them and you had to make words with them. Words like, Thank, Bless, Honor, Love etc.

Date Night In Box

Date Night In Box is something that I would purchase every single month. With how much dinner and a movie costs, well into $50-70 for a date night out, this box is fantastic in cost savings and brings you closer to your significant others.

  • Month to Month
  • $41.99 for each date
  • Free shipping (US)

I can’t wait to receive next month’s box. Aaron actually had fun last night and he said that he would most definitely do it again with me. It’s makes me giddy just thinking about what the Date Night In Box crew is putting together for January.

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