Essentials Crate Review January 2021

Essentials Crate delivers clean and sustainable household and personal care products that are essential to your everyday routine They help you discover high-performance goods with functionality, quality and aesthetics in mind to cultivate a healthier, more eco-conscious lifestyle. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Each Essentials Crate box includes a minimum of 4-5 items with a retail value of $70-$100 that are centered around a general theme in the household, personal care, beauty or wellness space. Boxes are curated with a sustainable swap and complementing premium products. Boxes are designed to help you reduce your personal waste and make a positive impact on your home and the earth.

Each month you can expect household items from cleaning solutions and kitchen supplies, to zero waste alternatives & cruelty-free personal care products. They partner with a rage of brands from bigger household names to smaller, local businesses that all follow cruelty free, ethical and sustainable practices and who share their vision of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Subscription Details

There are three subscription options for Essentials Crate:

  • Monthly: $44/month
  • 3 Months: $42/month, or $126 prepaid
  • 6 Months: $39/month, or $234 prepaid

Shipping is free within the US. Boxes are shipped on the 5th of each month (new subscriptions are shipped on the 5th of the following month) and will arrive to subscribers within 2-7 business days after shipping.

Here’s a look at what’s in this quarter’s box ($170.45 total value):

Glow Flow Chefs Energizing Blend Adaptogenic Instant Matcha Latte

This looks so interesting! I don’t generally drink caffeine (which means I don’t generally drink matcha), but I’m so intrigued by this that I will likely try it out anyway. I love any kind of adaptogenic beverages for their added health benefits and I know matcha itself already has a lot of pluses, so this is a power bev for sure. It says it’s an energizing blend that helps boost mental clarity, energy and mood so it sounds like it would make a great replacement for coffee as a morning pick-me-up. It’s made with nearly all organic ingredients and is super easy to whip up by adding the powder to water or milk of choice.

Reusable Glass & Cork Cup

I love this little to-go cup! I don’t have anything like it yet so this is a perfect addition to my plastic-free collection. It’s a 12oz cup that comes with a cork sleeve for heat protection and a silicone lid with a plug to cover the mouthpiece when not in use. I love drinking tea and had been wanting to find a new cup for bring along in the car so this will get a lot of use.

Adjustable Milk Frother

How fun! I don’t have a milk frother like this at all so this is another great item to receive. It has two head options, the traditional frother and the wisk frother and it has 3 different speed – so many options! I really like tea lattes and never make them at home since I didn’t have one of these so I’m excited that I can make them now.

Glass Straw Set (8 Straws + Pouch)

Another great product! I have several reusable straws, but none that are glass so these are perfect. There are 4 straight straws, 4 bend angled straws, 4 straw cleaners and a storage pouch in this set. I’m sure glass straws break now and then so it’s great to have several in the set for backups. I saw a tip to use these when drinking coffee to reduce teeth staining – even though I don’t drink coffee it’s still a helpful tip!

Essentials Crate Review January 2021 – Final Thoughts

This is my very first time reviewing Essentials Crate and first impressions are fantastic! I love everything included (even if I typically don’t drink matcha) and think that everything is perfect for an eco-friendly beverage on the go. I’m not sure if that was the exact theme name they were going for as they didn’t (or maybe don’t?) include a product guide card like some of the other boxes I review. It certainly is more eco-friendly to send without one, but of course it leaves a some information out such as the value of the items and the item description. Regardless though, it feels like a great value in this month’s items. I love how all the items truly complement each other and can be used together and appreciate how they can help considerably reduce plastic usage in the beverage category – which typically produces a lot of waste. I can’t wait to put all the items to use and get a hot beverage ready to warm me up when I have to run out and about!

The Botanic Gal –

Essentials Crate

Essentials Crate is a subscription that delivers clean and sustainable household and personal care products that are essential to your everyday routine. Retail value ~$75 and up.

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