Evive Review November 2021: Golden Curry

Evive offers unique and innovative frozen cubes that allow you to quickly prepare a nutritious meal while adding your own delicious twist.

It has been quite some time since I shared Evive with you and it’s a box/product that we use on a regular basis in our house so I thought it was time for an update. I try to have Evive cubes in our freezer at all times, especially the meal cubes. My current faves are the Mac Squash (which I shared with you back in February) and the Golden Curry which we will have a look at today.

Subscription Details

Evive subscribers have two choices to make, your box size and its content!

  • They offer two box sizes: 15 products or 25 products
  • 14 smoothie flavours to choose from
  • 4 delicious plant-based meals

Back in February I shared the Mac Squash meal cubes with you, which continue to be a favorite but today we are going to have a look at the Golden Curry.…

Golden Curry

The Golden Curry has all the necessary Indian-inspired aromas, creamy texture, and heartiness that will keep you wanting more. This very mild curry won’t leave your lips burning, while spices like cinnamon and star anise bring a tasty, warm bite. Benefit from the chickpeas, which are high in protein and fibre, superfoods such as hemp seeds which are rich in fatty acids, Vitamin E, and potassium, and of course, turmeric: the spice that’s been used for over thousands of years in India for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties.

INGREDIENTS: Chickpeas*, Red lentils*, Cauliflower, Tomato*, Hemp seeds*, Onion*, Coconut cream*, Green peas, Date, Olive oil*, Mango*, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon juice*, Cilantro, Sea salt, Turmeric*, Ground coriander, Curry powder (spices, turmeric, mustard seeds)*, Cinnamon*, Star anise, Nutmeg*, Chili pepper*, Red jalapeño.

How to Prepare

The meal cubes can be prepared two ways – bowl or soup.

Bowl – For this option you you simply warm 3 or 6 of the cubes (6 for large portion) in the microwave or stovetop. Serve over your choice of pasta, quinoa or rice.

Soup – For this option simply pop the cubes into a bowl, add 2/3 cups boiling water (or desired liquid) and mix well. You can also warm in the microwave.

Let’s Eat

For today’s review I decided to test out the Golden Curry because I have always been a fan of curry dishes, and something about it just seems so perfect for the time of year. A warm bowl of curry while curled up on the couch watching Hallmark Christmas Movies. Sound good to anyone else?

I decided to pair mine with brown rice as I wanted to make two meals out of it. One for dinner and one for lunch the next day. The process was very easy and I was able to do it while also entertaining baby Steven. I simply put the rice in my rice cooker and placed the meal cubes in a saucepan on the stove.

A couple things I did end up doing – I added a little bit of water to thin the curry out, I added salt and pepper, and I also squeezed in half a lime.

I topped my curry with edamame beans (something I’m trying to get little Steven to eat more of), cilantro and I ended up adding crushed peanuts and sriracha after I took the photos.

Evive Review November 2021 – Final Thoughts

I can officially say that the Golden Curry from Evive is a new favorite. I absolutely love the Mac Squash but this is a very close second. I love the flavour and I also love how quick and easy it is to make. This is one of the reasons I like to have Evive meal cubes in our freezer at all times. They make for a really great last-minute meal, and are extremely convenient for us Moms who often have more than one thing on the go at a time. I was able to entertain Steven, tidy the kitchen, and make a healthy lunch all at the same time. That right there makes my Evive monthly delivery worth every penny.

-AYOB Sarah


Evive offers unique and innovative frozen cubes that allow you to quickly prepare a nutritious meal while adding your own delicious twist.

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