FabFitFun Review Fall 2016

FabFitFun Review Fall 2016

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it is here. I think this is one of the most anticipated Fall boxes ever! I haven’t even looked through it yet and I have a feeling it is going to be one of my favourite boxes of 2016. The FabFitFun Fall Box has received awesome reviews. This is probably their best box yet, and I really hope this is what we can expect from them going forward.

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FabFitFun Details

If you aren’t familiar with FabFitFun it is an AMAZING subscription box that ships quarterly and is filled with the most fab items, hand-picked by the FabFitFun Team! You get to indulge in fashion finds, glam beauty secrets, and fab fitness gear guaranteed to make you feel like a VIP all year-long.


The Box: FabFitFun VIP

Cost: $49.99 per quarter

What You Get: Curated by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun Team you will get $120+ in Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, and Wellness Finds for only $49.99 per season. Items include full-size, premium products delivered 4 times per year.

Where Does it Ship: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $8 to Canada

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Fall 2016 Details

FabFitFun released spoilers for the Fall box back in September and I immediately fell in love. They had me at blanket scarf. This box is now sold out (insert sad face here) but I’m really hoping their Winter box will be just as awesome. You should probably purchase it now, just to avoid future disappointment.

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FabFitFun Coloring Book & Colored Pencils

Illustrate and meditate this Fall! Research shows that colouring is therapeutic, and can reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you stay in the lines or do your own thing, these illustrations are all yours to fill in.

I am so surprised that more subscription boxes haven’t included colouring books like this. The adult colouring trend is huge right now, and it has been since this time last year. I’m so happy to see this in the box, and love that they included pencils to go with it. Please, can more subscription boxes start including colouring books??

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ModCloth Loch & Key Scarf

From Kendall Jenner to Miranda Kerr, everyone has been spotted rocking blanket scarves. Belt it, wrap it, or rock it like a poncho and you’ll be just as warm as you are stylish.

YAY!!!! This is what I have been waiting for. This is another product more subscription boxes should be including in their fall lineup. And, can we talk about the color I received. There were four color options subscriber could have received and I like this one best. I will be wearing this ALL the time.

The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug

Good mornings just got even better with this inspirational mug. Oh, and while you’re sipping pretty, you’ll also be supporting a good cause. Create Co. donates 10% of profits to charity: water’s mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to those in need.

Is there such thing as too many coffee cups/mugs? I have an entire cupboard dedicated to my mug collection and this one is going to fit in beautifully. I like the black/gold combination. It’s a nice change from the regular ol’ white/black combo.

Mullein & Sparrow Mini French Lavender Body Oil

Is there anything this body oil can’t do? Formulated with the healing, meditative scent of lavender essential oil from France, this is your go-to oil for calming both your skin and your senses. Use it as a daily moisturizer and to self-massage each morning and evening.

Lavender makes me happy. I absolutely love the smell. I find it very calming. This body oil is absolutely perfect. I need to use oil during the Winter months to keep my skin in check. I apply it to the back of my arms and legs to keep those annoying little bumps away.

The Browgal Clear, Water-Resistant Eyebrow Gel

Keep your brows in shape with gel that never fails. This gel works with pencils and powders to seal and protect with staying power. Yep, whether you go swimming, do hot yoga, or spend the night away from home, this clear gel will help brows stay put.

This is an awesome product, but it’s just not something I can use. My brows don’t need much work.

Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer

Exfoliate and cleanse all at the same time! This hypoallergenic sponge has a time released creamy lather made with extracts of Zuzu, Edelweiss, and Vetiver. It moisturizes, rejuvenates, and restores your skin, leaving it soft as silk.

I love these sponges. I received a similar one about a year ago, and was so sad when it was time to toss it. The product card says that we can continue to use it after the lather runs out simply by adding our own body gel.

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Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette

Everybody is going nude these days! With their eyeshadow that is. This palette features 12 wearable shades that are perfect for creating universally flattering neutral looks. From long-wearing pale shimmers to velvety smooth rich mattes, these buildable hues will become your daily go-to.

This is awesome! I love shadow palettes, and the nice thing about this one is the fact that it is so versatile. The neutral shades will look good on everyone. I can’t wait to clean out my makeup bag and add this palette to the mix.

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ToeSox Toeless Fitness Socks

Slipping around in your socks is no fun. Avoid sliding in your yoga or pilates class with these perfect low-rise socks. This organic cotton pair hug your foot just below the ankle and feature ToeSox BPA-free non-slip soles.

I’ve been wanting to get a pair of these but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I’m not only going to use these for yoga, I will also wear them around the house, AND for pedicures. The product booklet gave me that idea.

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum

Talk about sleeping beauty! Skin Laundry’s Restoring Night Serum contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, natural extracts, and amino acids to help visibly improve skin texture, firmness, and elasticity while you catch some Zs.

Normally I don’t like to test out new face creams but I’m actually really looking forward to trying this one. I need to take a break from my current cream so this came at the perfect time.

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Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths

One thing you’ll always find in your purse? Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths. The exclusive CleanRipple texture is designed to clean better than any other tissue. It’s the ultimate must-have for the girl on the go – sponsored item. 

These are my favourite! I have them in all the bathrooms. And I have to make a statement – I love the sponsored products!!

Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel

Clear Gel is epcifically formulated to dry fast and adhere to your skin to leave no white marks or residue behind. Just two clicks, one swipe, and seconds to dry for continuous 48-hour door protection – sponsored item.

Same comment from above applies here, I love the sponsored products we get each season. But this season’s just might be my favourites.

FabFitFun Review Fall 2016 – Final Thoughts

Oh my goodness! Best box ever!! This is definitely one of my favourite boxes for 2016. I am in love with every single item we received. The curation for the Fall box is absolutely perfect. Aside from the brow gel, I will be using every single item in the box. They thought of absolutely everything, from the reversible box, to the amazing Fall must-have accessory, and all the universal beauty products. This is a box that will please pretty much every girl on the planet. I have no clue how they are going to top the Fall box, but I am super excited to see them try. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the Winter Box.



FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box filled with fabulous finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness from favorite brands curated by the FabFitFun team!

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