Frock Box Review & TRY-ON June 2021

Frock Box brings a unique, stress-free shopping experience to your home with the help of your very own personal stylist. With something for everyBODY, you belong in their tribe with sizing XS – 3XL. They kindly sent me this box for review.

Frock Box has become a subscription I can’t live without. I feel like this is a box every woman needs in her life. I can’t even tell you how much joy my monthly Frock Box deliveries bring me. I have honestly been loving them, and I feel like they just keep getting better and better. Take my June box for example……it’s my favorite to date, and that says a lot because I have LOVED every single box I have received thus far.

Subscription Details

Frock Box has a few options to choose from:

Frock Box Favorites: The Frock Box Favourites Box styling fee is $24.95 which is credited toward your final purchase. All five items are individually priced based on your budget and once you’ve tried on your pieces and sent back your returns, you’ll be charged for the items you’ve chosen to keep.

Shoe Box: For $64.99 receive one pair of shoes featured in their monthly collection. A great way to complete any look!

Gold Box: For $99.95 you will receive an entire outfit. Outfits may include a top + bottom, dress, or a top + cardigan. You may also receive a piece of jewellery to tie the outfit together.

Coupon Code

Coupon Code: Use code AYEAROFBOXES for $25 OFF Your 1st Box! – CLICK HERE

Here’s a closer look at my Frock Box Favorites for June….

Note From My Stylist

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine and your closet is feeling ready for Summer. This month we wanted to keep things neutral but versatile. So we’re starting off with a lightweight jogger in olive green that you can pair with the black bodysuit. This neckline is very flattering for a necklace or statement jewelry piece. Cover up with the denim jacket which features a raw hem giving it an edgier look that we think you’ll love! Lastly, pop on these cute sandals to complete the look. In true Frock Box form, we like to mix and match, so try the bodysuit, sandals and jacket with the skirt for a totally different look!

Drawstring Jogger Pant – $44.99

Yay!! I saw a pair of joggers very similar to these on the Frock Box Instagram page and have secretly wanted a pair ever since. I love everything about them, the lightweight fabric, the color, the elastic waist…..everything!


Raw Hem Denim Jacket – $74.99

Ugh……I don’t know what it is about denim jackets, but I just love them!! I currently have 4 (maybe 5) in my closet but I am more than happy to receive another one. I especially love this one due to the unique style. The raw hem gives it an edgy vibe and I also love the boxy fit.


Sleeveless Bodysuit – $34.99

I have been wanting a bodysuit for the longest time but I kept putting off purchasing one. It’s one of those items that I want to wear, I love the way they look on other people, but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. Then this one arrived and I said to myself……who cares! Wear the damn bodysuit! lol


Slit Side Skirt – $41.99

This skirt is absolutely perfect for me. I love the color, I love the thick waistband, I love the slits on the side and I love how comfortable it is. I also really love the way it looks with the denim jacket.


Double Strap Leather Sandal – $59.99

I was very excited to see a pair of sandals in my box this month. I received a pair of shoes in my February box and I wear them at least 2 or 3 times each week, if not more. These sandals fit me perfectly and I think they look super cute with the skirt. I don’t love them as much with the pants but they will be a really great addition to my wardrobe so I’m definitely going to keep them.


Cost Breakdown

I love, love, love this month’s Frock Box and am going to keep everything, but let’s just play around with some numbers. Lets say that I want to return the sandals as I would have preferred all black rather than the black/white combo. Here’s the breakdown…..

Note: if I keep everything in the box I will receive 25% OFF

  • Skirt – $41.99
  • Joggers – $44.99
  • Jacket – $74.99
  • Bodysuit – $34.99

TOTAL = $196.96

And here’s the breakdown if I keep everything….

  • Skirt – $41.99
  • Joggers – $44.99
  • Jacket – $74.99
  • Bodysuit – $34.99
  • Sandals – $59.99

TOTAL (minus 25%) = $192.72

So as you can see, it makes total sense to keep all 5 items rather than returning the sandals because it essentially saves me money.

Frock Box Review & TRY-ON June 2021

I can’t stress enough how much I love my Frock Box deliveries. It’s currently my favorite box to receive….yup, I said it…..not “one of my favourites” but “THE favorite”! My June box is absolutely amazing and I am definitely keeping everything. It has provided me with 5 really great pieces for my capsule wardrobe. The denim jacket is extremely versatile, the bodysuit can also be worn with the jeans, jean shorts and skirt I received in previous boxes, and I can wear the joggers with a few of the tops I have received. I can now say that I love getting dressed in the morning and that wasn’t always the case. If you live in Canada, Frock Box is a subscription you MUST try!

-AYOB Sarah

Frock Box

Frock Box brings a unique, stress-free shopping experience to your home with the help of your very own personal stylist. With something for everyBODY, you belong in our tribe with sizing XS - 3XL.

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Use code AYEAROFBOXES for $25 OFF Your 1st Box! Learn More about Frock Box »

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