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Frock Box brings a unique, stress-free shopping experience to your home with the help of your very own personal stylist. With something for everyBODY, you belong in our tribe with sizing XS - 3XL.
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Frock Box brings a unique, stress-free shopping experience to your home with the help of your very own personal stylist. With something for everyBODY, you belong in our tribe with sizing XS – 3XL. When you subscribe to our Favourites Box, your stylist will select five pieces, based on your style profile that work together to build outfits and a versatile wardrobe. Try them on from the comfort of your own home, keep and pay for only what you love and easily return the rest. Save 25% off your order if you keep it all, free shipping and returns. You can skip, pause or cancel at anytime. Never has shopping been so fun!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: The Frock Box Favourites Box styling fee is $24.95 which is credited toward your final purchase. All five items are individually priced based on your budget and once you’ve tried on your pieces and sent back your returns, you’ll be charged for the items you’ve chosen to keep.

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What is Frock Box Favourites?
Favourites is an innovative shopping experience aimed to improve your successes in the fitting room. Each month you’ll receive a curate box of five pieces, handpicked by your stylist, to try on at home. Keep and pay for only what you love and return the rest. Your stylist will utilize your feedback, notes and Pinterest board to build a versatile wardrobe specific to your shape and lifestyle.

How does Favourites Work?
Begin by setting up an account and completing a detailed style profile that will tell your stylist all about your size, shape, budget and preferences. Your stylist will curate your box and ship it to your door within 7 days. Try on the pieces comfortably at home and keep anything you love, return the rest with free shipping. At checkout, you’ll provide detailed feedback on each item so your stylist can get to know your taste, what’s best for your shape and optimal fit for you.

What does it cost?
You’ll be charged a Styling Fee of $24.95 on the date you sign up every month, unless you cancel or skip. Once you’ve tried on your pieces, you’ll login to your account and checkout providing feedback for your stylist while noting the items you’re keeping. Once we receive your returns, you’ll be charged for the items you’ve kept with your styling fee credit. If you love it all, you’ll receive 25% your box.

What if I don’t like some of the items?
No problem! Return shipping is always free. Just pop them back in your bag and be sure to give your stylist feedback on why they don’t work for you so we can adjust your selections next month.

Can I skip a month or a season?
Absolutely! You can easily do this by logging into your account, click ‘Pause Subscription’ in your dashboard and select the dates you wish to skip.

What size do you carry?
We believe that everyBODY has a place here at Frock Box. We dress women size XS – 3XL.

Are there other boxes other than Favourites?
Yes! We offer three boxes to suit your style needs. Favourites is our most popular option but we also offer our Gold Box and Shoe Box.

How will my stylist know what I like?
Your style profile will help your stylist get to know your preferences along with the feedback you provide monthly. We’re all about delivering you pieces you love, so it’s important to be thorough in your style profile along with your monthly feedback. We utilize technology to help narrow selections for you however you have a real, live stylist who builds your outfits, writes to you and curates your box. For the best experience, be sure to include a Pinterest board in your profile as it gives your stylist a visual of what you love!

What if I want to cancel?
We’ll be sad to see you go but cancelling is very simple in your account! Click ‘Subscriptions’ and cancel there.

What are the budget options?
We truly believe that style and budget varies for everyone. We have budget options that start at $30-60/item, $50-$100/item, $70+/item or a mix of it all!

What brands will I see in my box?
Here’s the beauty of Frock Box, every single brand has a unique fit and we’ve done the hard work of trying them on and determining what body size and style it fits best. You’ll see brands you recognize like Levis, DEX, Vero Moda, etc along with some you’ve never heard of including handmade Canadian vendors.

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