Frock Box Review & TRY-ON October 2022

Frock Box brings a unique, stress-free shopping experience to your home with the help of your very own personal stylist. With something for everyBODY, you belong in their tribe with sizing XS – 3XL. They kindly sent me this box for review.

Warning……I am about to rave on and on and on about Frock Box and how amazing my October box is. Just thought I would tell you right off the bat. My October box is the best one yet! I have no clue how they will ever top this one…..

Subscription Details

Frock Box has a few options to choose from:

Frock Box Favorites: The Frock Box Favourites Box styling fee is $24.95 which is credited toward your final purchase. All five items are individually priced based on your budget and once you’ve tried on your pieces and sent back your returns, you’ll be charged for the items you’ve chosen to keep.

Shoe Box: For $64.99 receive one pair of shoes featured in their monthly collection. A great way to complete any look!

Gold Box: For $99.95 you will receive an entire outfit. Outfits may include a top + bottom, dress, or a top + cardigan. You may also receive a piece of jewellery to tie the outfit together.

Coupon Code

Coupon Code: Use code AYEAROFBOXES for $25 OFF Your 1st Box! – CLICK HERE

Here’s a closer look at my Frock Box Favorites for October….

Note From My Stylist

Hi Sarah! Here’s a fun street style for you! Try pairing the graphic tee with the leggings and cardigan and finish it off with this fun sneaker. I also added the striped sweater knit top that I thought was just your style. I’d love to hear how these worked out for you and if you have any requests for next month.

NASA Tee ($69.99): This tee is absolutely wonderful. It has a worn-in, vintage feel to it and it’s the perfect length for leggings.


Sweater ($89.99): I am ALL about cropped sweaters right now so I was happy to see this in the box. I paired it with jeans from a previous box, and the sneakers. Makes for a super cute, easy-to-wear outfit.


Sneakers ($99.99): I am so in love with these sneakers it’s not even funny. I have a shopping trip this weekend and I was trying to figure out what shoes to wear as I need them to be cute and VERY comfortable. That’s exactly what these are……..cute and comfy.


Leggings ($129.99): I have a pair of leggings similar to this but I will probably end up keeping these anyways because they are SO flattering! I love the way they look on…..and the way they hold everything in, ha!


Cardigan ($104.99): This cardigan……this cardigan! Where do I start? Let’s just say it is my favourite Frock Box item to date. And…this entire outfit is perfect for traveling. I am going to wear this on the airplane for our upcoming trip. LOVE IT ALL!


Cost Breakdown

As always…..let’s do a cost breakdown so you can see what an amazing deal you get if you keep all of the items as opposed to 4. Let’s say I want to return the leggings…….

Note: if I keep everything in the box I will receive 25% OFF

  • NASA Tee ($69.99)
  • Sweater ($89.99)
  • Sneaker ($99.99)
  • Cardigan ($104.99)

TOTAL (without the leggings) = $364.96

And here’s the breakdown if I keep everything….

  • NASA Tee ($69.99)
  • Sweater ($89.99)
  • Sneaker ($99.99)
  • Leggings ($129.99)
  • Cardigan ($104.99)

TOTAL (minus 25%) = $371.21

As you can see if I keep all of the items instead of returning the leggings I am really only paying $6.25 more, so it makes total sense to keep all 5 items.

Frock Box Review – Final Thoughts

Oh my goodness…..I am in LOVE! This is easily my best Frock Box to date. I will have to leave my stylist a note letting her know that she nailed it. I am absolutely in love with everything I received. I wore the shoes last night and they are beyond comfortable, and I plan on taking everything with me this weekend for a girl’s getaway I have planned. I know that all 5 pieces I received will be closet staples for the foreseeable future.

-AYOB Sarah

Frock Box

Frock Box brings a unique, stress-free shopping experience to your home with the help of your very own personal stylist. With something for everyBODY, you belong in our tribe with sizing XS - 3XL.

Ships to:
Use code AYEAROFBOXES for $25 OFF Your 1st Box! Learn More about Frock Box »

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