Goddess Provisions Box Review April 2021

Goddess Provisions is a monthly subscription box that helps light up your soul and nourish your inner goddess to grow your spiritual practice. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Goddess Provisions was created as a way to share tools found to help connect with your divine feminine and grow your spiritual practice. They know we all share in the “busy-ness” of life, but believe in the importance of taking the time to manifest journal, meditate, frolick around in nature, pet kittens, practice yoga, have reiki healing sessions, do tarot card readings, drink green juice, write out the things we’re grateful for, check the astrology forecast and charge our crystals under the full moon. If you enjoy these simple pleasures too, they know you’re going to feel like their monthly box was curated just for you by a true soul sister.

Each month you’ll receive a thoughtfully curated box that contains 5-7 FULL SIZE products including items like crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, apothecary beauty & spiritual tools. All items will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free because they cherish our furry friends. They consciously package each curation in kraft paper boxes made from 100% recycled materials that are printed on with plant-based inks. Also, for every box and boutique item sold, they plant a tree!

Subscription Details

There are 4 subscription options for Goddess Provisions:

  • $33/month for month-to-month
  • $99 or $33/month for 3 month pre-pay
  • $178 or $29.66/month for 6 month pre-pay
  • $333 or $27.75/month for 12 month pre-pay

Shipping to United States is free, Canadian shipping is $15, and International shipping is $25. First time subscribers will be shipped to by the 20th of the month. Ongoing subscribers boxes ship during the first week of each new month.

April Box Details (Total Value $209)

The April box theme is “Lemurian Love” and the monthly mantra that supports it is: “I am a starved being of light.”

This topic is totally new to me so I of course had to turn to Google. The most inspiring definition I found was that Lemuria is a fabled continent that vanished long ago. “It is believed to have been a continent where heaven really was a place on Earth. The Lemurians are thought of as a peaceful, highly intelligent race of people that existed millions of years ago. In Lemuria, life worked in harmony, all beings were seen as equal and we were deeply reverent to Mother Earth.” So I gather that all the goodies in this month’s box are inspired by these themes and geared toward magic, harmony and love. It seems Lemuria also is used as a tool to find all of those things within yourself so these items should be wonderful self discovery tools too!

Here’s a look at what’s in this month’s Goddess Provisions box:

Box Insert

I love the Goddess Provisions insert! Every month they have a different artist create the cover art to match the theme and it’s always so beautiful. This month’s cover design is by @krystleyez and is so perfectly light-filled. The inside of the insert contains product information, uses and value along with coupon codes from many of the creators. Opposite from the product information is the monthly mantra and more tools you can purchase in their shop to enhance the theme. Overall it’s just so nice to look at and as always, the cover art could totally be framed!

Izzy Ivy’s Beyond Lemuria Oracle ($17)

“Connect to the magic and healing of Lemuria. This colorful 56-card deck features ethereal symbolism and loving guidance to help you tend to your heart-consciousness & the universe within.”

What a beautifully designed oracle deck! And what a fun product to receive. I like gathering little collections of oracle decks so you can choose which one speaks to you when wanting to gain insight and wisdom. These illustrations are so magical and ethereal and the text is so well written and inspiring. I’m glad to add this deck to my collection.

Beyond Lemuria Third Eye Stained Glass Hanging ($22)

“Hang this handmade eye of intuition in a sunny window to illuminate your sacred space with a reminder that wisdom comes from within. Be sure to remove the window hook from your box before recycling.”

I love this item so much! It’s unique and beautiful and will be perfect hanging in a sunny window, preferably near a meditation zone. I’ve never received an item like this from a subscription box so this is such a fun find. The simple design is just so pretty and a good reminder of harmony and inner wisdom.

Moonstone Lip Balm ($4)

“Your lips will sparkle like moonstone when you wear this moisturizing vegan lip balm. Pamper the divine feminine within and call in emotional balance, abundance and heightened intuition.”

Such a pretty lip balm with it’s light silvery shimmer. This lip balm isn’t made with actual moonstone, but it’s look and aura represent it’s healing properties which are inner growth and strength. The perfect stone representation for this month’s inner world work theme!

Positively Mystic Tarot Card Holder ($22)

“Place this maple wood card stand on your altar to display divine guidance from your oracle readings. It’s laser-etched with mystical power symbols to support your intuitive process of interpretation.”

The perfect partner for the included oracle deck! I don’t have anything like this so I love that this was included. The design is so simple, yet striking and inspiring and works so well for holding the beautiful wisdom cards.

Featured Stone Of The Month: Rose Quartz Rose Quartz Vessel Necklace ($33)

“This necklace combines the healing energy of essential oils & unconditional love from Rose Quartz. Use the pipette to fill your vial, wear it over your heart chakra and apply good vibes as often as you desire. • Be sure to remove the pipette from the small white box before recycling.”

What a fun necklace! This is also something I don’t own or have received in a box before so it’s perfect. Rose quartz healing properties include inspiring self-love and harmony so this is another great stone for this month’s theme. The vessel itself is a lovely design and isn’t too large for daily wear, yet seems like it would hold just enough essential oil.

Digital Bonus: Lemuria & Past Life Remembrance ($111)

“Discover Lemuria and receive guidance on how to begin your journey of remembering so you can unlock the hidden wisdom within & around you.”

As usual, I appreciate the digital bonus item included to help expand knowledge on the monthly topic and encourage learning more about it. This one is extra great because I knew nothing about Lemuria before receiving this box so any extra info on it is so helpful and fun!

Goddess Provisions Box Review April 2021 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Goddess Provisions box is so awesome! It included so many items that are unique and that I don’t own or have never received before which is always great when it comes to subscription boxes. I of course, also love that the theme was so unique and specific while also inspiring the learning of something new. The best part about this box is that the tools are always so connected to the theme, but if the theme doesn’t interest you much, the items are still useful outside of it too. I can’t wait to use all the items while learning more about Lemuria and expand my search for inner truth and peace!

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