Goddess Provisions Review September 2020

Goddess Provisions is a monthly subscription box that helps light up your soul and nourish your inner goddess to grow your spiritual practice. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Goddess Provisions was created as a way to share tools found to help connect with your divine feminine and grow your spiritual practice. They know we all share in the “busy-ness” of life, but believe in the importance of taking the time to manifest journal, meditate, frolick around in nature, pet kittens, practice yoga, have reiki healing sessions, do tarot card readings, drink green juice, write out the things we’re grateful for, check the astrology forecast and charge our crystals under the full moon. If you enjoy these simple pleasures too, they know you’re going to feel like their monthly box was curated just for you by a true soul sister.

Each month you’ll receive a thoughtfully curated box that contains 5-7 FULL SIZE products including items like crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, apothecary beauty & spiritual tools. All items will be 100% vegan and cruelty-free because they cherish our furry friends. They consciously package each curation in kraft paper boxes made from 100% recycled materials that are printed on with plant-based inks. Also, for every box and boutique item sold, they plant a tree!

Subscription Details

There are 4 subscription options for Goddess Provisions:

  • $33/month for month-to-month
  • $99 or $33/month for 3 month pre-pay
  • $178 or $29.66/month for 6 month pre-pay
  • $333 or $27.75/month for 12 month pre-pay

Shipping to United States is free, Canadian shipping is $15, and International shipping is $25. First time subscribers will be shipped to by the 20th of the month. Ongoing subscribers boxes ship during the first week of each new month.

September Box Details (Total Value $XX)

The September box theme is “Color Therapy” and the monthly mantra that supports it is: “I receive healing vibrations from the full spectrum of light and feel gratitude for this colorful life.”

Color seriously gives me life so I am so totally stoked about this month’s Goddess Provisions theme! I think this might be my favorite theme a box has ever had. Color therapy isn’t something I’ve specifically learned much about before, but I’m so intrigued and can’t wait to learn more from these tools.

Here’s a look at what’s in this month’s Goddess Provisions box:

Box Insert

I love this box’s insert! Every month they have a different artist create the cover art to match the theme and it’s always so beautiful. This month’s cover design is by @lunarlilt and is so eye-pleasingly colorful. The inside of the insert contains product information, uses and value along with coupon codes from many of the creators. Opposite from the product information is the monthly mantra designed with more art by the cover artist. Overall it’s just so nice to look at and the cover art could totally be framed!

Hiouchi Jewels Mood Ring ($33)

“Wear this modern silver-plated mood ring as a statement piece to affirm that all emotions are sacred. Keep track of how you’re feeling so you can express your truth with clarity & confidence.”

Mood jewelry is something I’ve always thought was cool, maybe because it’s a little retro and reminds me of simpler times? Plus the color changing is always so pretty and fun. I like this simple design of this ring and appreciate how it’s adjustable so it can work for anyone. A great statement piece or for every day wear too!

Goddess Provisions Crystal Prism Suncatcher ($22)

“Hang this prism in a sunny window to transform light beams into rainbows. Notice how your vibe shifts as color streams into your world. Repurpose the organic cotton pouch as a crystal carrier.”

I love suncatchers and it’s been years since I’ve had one so I’m so excited about this item! I’m always so in awe of how the light reflects from these to create little rainbow everywhere. They definitely brighten the mood and enhance the space they are in with uplifting vibes. This one is a really good sized crystal that seems like it will give of tons of sparkly rainbows that will match the pretty rainbow beads on the chain. I will be putting this in a sunny window right away!

Goddess Provisions Violet Sunglasses ($22)

“Rock these purple shades to see the world through rose-colored glasses and experience the magic of color therapy. Violet light is known to help calm your mind & body and enhance your connection to higher consciousness.”

Well these are a fun item (maybe not the most useful for me specifically), but unique and trendy anyway! I’m definitely more of a practical sunglasses wearer and these are more of an accessory statement piece, so not something I’d normally wear. But, I do like the idea of viewing through a colored lens for a calming color therapy experience so I’ll definitely try them for that benefit.

Goddess Provisions Encourage-Mint Pencil ($5)

“Connect with the full spectrum of your emotions when you draw or write. Notice how your feelings fluctuate just like the changing colors. When you arrive at the end of the rainbow, plant what’s left of the pencil to grow a pot of mint!”

This is awesome! First of all, the swirl color pencil led will make journaling or to-do list writing a bright and fun experience. Then, I love that when you’ve used it up this grows a mint plant. That’s one of my fave herbs and gardening is something I’ve been meaning to get into more seriously. It can take me a long time to use up pencils, so hopefully I don’t put off my gardening until then!

Species By The Thousands Crystal Oracle Deck ($25)

“This 54 card deck contains the powers of intention, crystal energy and color therapy. Intuitively draw a card to discover which tools will keep you feeling balanced and empowered each day.”

Ok, if I had to pick, this might be my favorite item in the box! What a fun and unique item. I love crystals, colors and meditating on intentions so this is the best of all worlds. I mean, the color spectrum in this box is just so pleasing to the eye, isn’t it?! I also really like that these can even be used as like a crystal-learning flash card set of sorts to learn each stones primary healing power. So fun!

Jessica Swift Gratitude Keychain ($13)

“Rainbows and the color pink are symbols of joy & gratitude. Carry this limited edition keychain with you as a reminder of all the beautiful things there are to be grateful for. It’s wrapped in compostable packaging!”

This is so cute! I feel like I’m due for a keychain upgrade and this one matches my pink house key perfectly! I love that it’s a symbol of gratitude so you can be reminded of that wherever you take your keys. And it’s especially perfect to use with those house keys as a reminder to be grateful for the roof over your head as you enter it, right!?

Colors For Good Color Therapy Bracelet ($8)

“This cutie emits such good vibes! Along with its color magic, the making of your bracelet employed and empowered a woman from Yucatán, Mexico. Tune into the message of the color & vibration the universe picked for you!”

This is an awesome and simply designed bracelet! There were 7 color options to receive for this bracelet and I go the blue one which signifies “Faith”. I’m always drawn to blue hues since they are so calming and faith couldn’t be a better healing vibration to wear around daily, so that makes this bracelet extra special. Simple jewelry is my jam so I could see wearing this a lot. It’s adjustable and made from elastic material to be comfortable to wear. I also really like that these empower women makers by giving them job opportunities. I might have to get more to build a collection!

Purple Agate ($4)

“Hold this purple stone when you sit down to meditate. The combination of purple and agate
will help to activate your upper chakras for divine insight and spiritual development.”

I love purple and have always loved agates. They were the prize stones in my childhood collection. Their beauty is almost unbelievable with the ribbed lines running throughout. This one is a nice shade of deep purple and I love the meaning it has for insight. I also read it signifies good luck, mental strength and helps you see things though to finish – all good things to have in your crystal tool box.

Digital Bonus: Healing with Color Mini Course ($33)

“Discover how different frequencies affect your mood and learn 8 ways you can incorporate color into your daily life to raise your vibration.”

Oooo, this bonus course really intrigues me! I’ve got to know more about using color to enhance my daily life. I will be diving into this one right away. It’s so fun that they include these learning bonus courses to encourage continuation of insight into the monthly theme.

Goddess Provisions Review September 2020 – Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned up top, I love, love, love color so I’m a big fan of this box. I mean, I was already a big fan of Goddess Provisions, but this box set the bar even higher. It really is packed with items that enliven the senses with all kinds of hues. I can’t even really pick any favorites. The items are like the bands of a rainbow, they are all equally beautiful and necessary to bring this collection to life. I would say this makes me so excited to see what comes next month, but right now I don’t even care since this box was so good! I’ll be over here learning all about how color enhances my mood in the meantime, which I just realized will be especially helpful as summer changes to fall and the vibrant colors of nature go into hibernation. Good timing Goddess Provisions, good timing!

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