Green Kid Crafts October 2018 Review

Green Kid Crafts is a STEAM discovery box for kids delivered to your door monthly. With three box options, you can choose the perfect box for your child for $19.95 per month.

  • Junior Discovery Box 2-4y
  • Discovery Box 5-10+
  • Literary Discovery Box 2-10+

You can also upgrade your box to the Sibling Discovery Box and receive two sets of each project for $39.95 per month.

Each box includes up to 6 science and art kits packaged inside of bags made with 100% recycled materials. This month’s theme is Safari Science. Inside you will find information about different habitats and understanding migration and predators.

Create, play, and learn with the Green Kid magazine. Did you know that as long as you are in a place where you can observe animals in their natural habitat, then you are on a safari? Inside this month’s magazine you will find DIY activities, science experiments, games, challenges, and more!

Habitat Scratch Postcards / Camouflage Hide & Seek

Your child will learn about animals and their environment with this kit and how animals camouflage themselves to fit in their habitat without attracting predators. In the first activity, your child will use their imagination to create a habitat of their own by scratching their postcard and drawing trees, grass, or dunes. Then you can take the stickers provided to place animals into their habitat. The fun part is that you can put a stamp on the other side of the postcard and send it off to friends or family. For the second activity, Green Kid Crafts has provided an eraser with a safari animal pictured. With these erasers, you can play a fun game of hot and cold by placing your game piece around an area where the animal can easily be hidden, just like they do in their own habitats. The other player must attempt to find the animal eraser so be sure to tuck your animal away in a safe spot!

Animal Track Story / Migration Fossil

Time to put your child’s imagination to work to create a story using the animal track guide and paint. What animals have been migrating throughout the savanna? Did they stop to eat? Were they being followed by a predator? Decide what story you want to tell and check inside at the field guide that shows you how to paint the footprints you need. For the second activity in this kit, you will need the air dry clay and animal figurine. Flattening the clay will create a surface to make footprints on using the animal provided. We received a giraffe figurine that went perfect with our book for the month so my kids really got the chance to read all about giraffes and how their hooves protect them against predators in the wild.

Quicksand Experiment / Elephant Toothpaste

Time for some fun little experiments! First up is the quicksand experiment where your child will get to experience the sensation of sinking in quicksand. Dropping the animal beads and figurines into the quicksand mixture will give your child a good visual of how quicksand works. For the second experiment you’ll need to gather some supplies from home. The elephant toothpaste experiment gets its name because the huge stream of foam that is produced makes it look like toothpaste big enough for elephants to use! We didn’t have everything on-hand to use so we haven’t been able to do this project but my kids are excited to try it out!

National Geographic Kids: Giraffes by Laura Marsh

This month’s book was a little different than the usual books we receive but it fits so perfectly with the theme! It is a ‘Level 1’ book so it is suitable for children starting to read on their own. The book talks about giraffe’s bodies, their home and meal times, and it even includes a fun little game at the end called “What In The World?”. My children are still small so I read the entire book to them but they have no problems following along and learning while I read. The pictures inside really bring the entire book to life.

Green Kid Crafts October 2018 Review – Final Thoughts

Green Kid Crafts is very hands-on and really breaks down everything so it’s easy to understand. Not only do they include amazing art and science projects, they also make sure to include why something works a certain way or fun facts surrounding the activity. Children ALWAYS have questions and it’s good to have the answers right in front of you in terms they can actually comprehend. The projects are very easy to do and require little to no assistance. They are also mess free which is always an added bonus when working with preschool aged children! This month really covered a lot of fun material and shared tons of valuable information.

Sabrina –

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts subscriptions delight kids each month with creative, nature-based STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) delivered monthly to their door. Ages 3-10

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